Clean it up!!!—>Oily Skin

moisturizer_jar_copy.jpgNow that you know what skin type you have, you need to have the right product to take care of it. For cleansers, make sure you use them twice a day and massage your face and throat. Use your moisturizer everytime you rinse your face.

Oily Skin: This is my skintype and I used to hate it until I realized that we are the lucky ones!!! It’s true, oily skin will not age as quick as other skin types because of the sebum under the skin cells…So my daily skincare regiments is:

  1. Cleanser
    • 1st choice: CLINIQUE liquid facial soap oily skin (just the best on my skin!!!)
    • 2nd choice: CLARINS purifying cleansing gel (this cleanser has yucca extract which is very gentle for the skin)
  2. Toner (I personally never use mine but that’s because I am lazy…but I strongly recommend you do if you have very oily skin)
    • 1st choice: CLARINS Toning lotion with Iris- green bottle ( I like it better then the Clinique because it does not feel as dry on the skin.)
    • 2nd choice: CLINIQUE Step II for oily skin
  3.  Moisturizer
    • 1st choice: CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (use this if you feel your skin is less oily during the winter)
    • 2nd choice: CLARINS Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion (perfect in very hot climate; I use it whenever I go to Senegal…)
  4.  Night moisturizer
    • The only night product that I recommend and that is very good is the CLARINS Normalizing night gel. It will balance the amount of oil your skin is producing while you sleep and you will wake-up every morning feeling like you have the best skin!
  5.  Exfoliator
    • CLINIQUE Exfoliating scrub. It will de-flake, refine and soften tiny lines. Use it twice a week.

 To be continued…


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