Beauty of the week: ***LAUREN LONDON***


You may remember Lauren London from the movie ATL or This Christmas. She is also the spokesmodel for Sean John for women and has been seen in the TV show Entourage. Her cute smile along with her beautiful hair makes her one of the most charming black girl in Hollywood. Her glamorous makeup on this picture is a mix of soft gold and bronze on the eyes and a pale pink/ beige matte lipstick.

If you are light skin like her (or Ebene… ;o), I would reproduce this look using: 

Eye lid: Amber lights

Crease: Bronze and Patina

Hightlighter: very soft with Arena or a light concealer 

Inner corner of the eye: Goldmine

Face: Blush in Hushabye and Refined Deeper bronze bronzer below the apple of your cheeks.

For the lips, Blanketty lipstick will be the best. It’s a soft pink beige lipstick that will give you the exact same look. You will not need to use a lipliner for this but if you just love lip liners and cannot live without them, try Spice. 

Ebene, thanks for sending this pic and I am waiting to post yours next to it once you do the look! 

Divas, if you find a makeup look that you like online, copy and paste the link of the picture on the section “ask me” and I will be more than happy to detail it for you.


5 Responses to “Beauty of the week: ***LAUREN LONDON***”

  1. 1 Ebene
    Monday, February 25, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    Am I worthy of such a look…? Well I look forward to trying it out. Merci for the info on how to achieve it. Now if only I understood how to use bronzers. I’ve read about them but they remain an enigma.


  2. Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    Hey,just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I iwsh i could do my eyebrowss just like yours. moreover I wish i had a Mac store with good makeup artists. unforunately where I live all the makeup people at mac are white,lol…so im stuck to pharmacy beauty products. The questions I have for you are many,lol. I will start by askig how a darker skinned girl can wear a similar gloss, I really like that nude/neautral lipstick or it is gloss?..Im using lovenectar but its more pinnkish. My skin tone is Kelly Rowland-ish. Also, the brows, I want then badly, I have a Lancome stick but doesnt work as lovely as yours..Lastly, I have never worn foundation or concealer, any suggestions as to which color to buy…hmm I wish I was wereever you are so yo could apply for me..loool..You can reply on my blog as a comment..thanks


  3. 3 valencia
    Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    she iz so pretty

  4. 4 Cassie
    Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 6:37 am

    She IS stunning, but please bear in mind that she wears a weave. Her hair is very short. In this photo you can see her own short hair is a different texture to the weave.

    I was surprised, though that she at least had shoulder length hair, she has actually admitted on camera online, that it is indeed a weave.

    Regardless, beauty is INSIDE AND outside and she has great facial features and skin too.

    (I know…. shocked about the weave just like you)

  5. 5 Princess
    Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    @ Cassie , girl pleasse. You sayin she wear a weave like its the worse thing you heard all day, every woman in the celebrity world (of all races) wear weaves & extentions to give their hair volume.Some go all out like Niki manij rocking a full head, others (like Lauren) just add a few layers at the bottom for volume, length and some cases thickness.

    And if you’ve ever seen the 2003 video – pharrell williams, aka N.E.R.D frontin’ you’ll notice a pretty young Lauren London with her real hair which is just past her shoulders. & when you say Lauren “Admitted” she wears a weave, i’m guessing you were talking about ‘Good hair’ ? Documentry/film made by Chris Rock ? Featuring the likes of Nia Long, Raven-Symone & Megan Good etc ? Yea i think you find you may have over exaggerated, i mean Lauren didn’t “admit” anything, the discussion & topic was what is good hair and hair weaves, & you’ll find Lauren proudly discussed her weave, along with every other black female celeb taking part in the documentary, you made her sound so degraded DANG get your facts right first. lol. “Please bare in mind”. Ha, girl please.

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