“College Road Trip” or “when concealer goes wrong”…

I just came back from the movies and could not wait to get behind my computer to warn you about this: NEVER USE A CONCEALER THAT IS WAAAAAYYY TOO LIGHT FOR YOUR COMPLEXION!!!


The movie itself was just ok, it wasn’t Martin’s best movie…and I was kinda expecting that but what really disappointed me was the fact that the movie production could not find one good makeup artist in Hollywood!!! Com’on, it should not be that hard! (The MUA name is Margo Boccia, she has a pretty impressive resume but I don’t know what happened here…). Raven Symone and Kym E. Whitley’s makeup looked sooooo bad I had to write about it!!! They both had a concealer that was at least 4 shades lighter than it should have been and Kim’s false lashes looked like they were about to fall…I could not find pictures that would accurately portray the disaster but if you happen to go see the movie, you will know what I am talking about…

Most people think that a concealer is supposed to be lighter than their complexion and they are totally wrong! Concealers are supposed to “brighten” your under eye not “lighten” it!!! This means that you should use a concealer that looks as natural as possible. If you have dark circles, it only makes sense that it should be slightly lighter than your foundation but then again, you will still need to blend it with your foundation so you do not see this white area under your eye. Remember that the best way to blend it is by dabbing the concealer with your fourth finger.

Here are 2 pics of my girl Halle Berry. The one on top shows a perfectly blended concealer and the one at the bottom shows you how bad a light concealer can look when it is not blended. No disrespect to my girl Halle, I know she doesn’t do her own makeup…



3 Responses to ““College Road Trip” or “when concealer goes wrong”…”

  1. Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    This post is so funny. When I first started seeing the previews for this movie. My first thought was what makeup artist did they get for this girl. Concealor should not be noticeable like that.. LOL

  2. Monday, March 10, 2008 at 8:49 am

    this post is so helpful!I’ve always found concealer to be a bit tricky to blend so that it can be invisible. The two pictures and the past video are very helpful!

  3. 3 CJ
    Friday, June 6, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Just saw this flick on a plane ride – and the “cheekbone highlighting” or “concealer” or whatever it was – was SOOOOO atrocious that I just threw some words into Google, and your website popped up! It was almost like a negative shot of a raccoon – opposite a mascara disaster. I found it totally bizarre.

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