My 5 must NOT have…

I was tagged by the beautiful Miss Seymone to list my “favorite” 5 MUST NOT HAVE beauty products.

  1. The number one has to go to MAC Fibre rich mascara. This mascara not only gave me clumpy lashes, but it also burned my eyes!!! I had to complain to my MAC trainer who then told me that some people were allergic to it because of one ingredient (don’t remember the name) that is not usually found in other mascaras (but that they still decided to add it so it can give that “rich” lash effect…)
  2. L’oreal eye makeup remover takes the 2nd spot! I used to use it back in the days and it would burn my eyes soooo bad! Believe me I do not have sensitive eyes but it seems like this makeup remover had more alcohol than the alcohol bottle in your pharmacy…The worst is that it would not even remove the black smolder around my eyes…
  3. Bobbi Brown Cream shadow stick. It is not easy to apply and too dry on the eyelid…
  4. MAC Prep + prime eye. I don’t even know why MAC is still carrying this product. It does everything a primer is not supposed to do…doesn’t hold the eyeshadow enough and creases on the lid too fast. I am glad that everything else works as a primer (creme color base, paint, concealer etc.)
  5. Last but not least…MAC perfumes…I am sorry but I personally think they all smell like kitchen cleaning products…that’s my personal opinion…




2 Responses to “My 5 must NOT have…”

  1. Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Hello. I enjoyed reading your 5 must not have items. In the search of the perfect mascara, i tried the fibre rich and yes it was awful! It always clumped my lashes and made them look funny!
    LOL @ the MAC perfumes and kitchen cleaning products!
    I will check out the body scrub that you recommended. They used to have one in fig something, can’t remember the name. It was so good!

  2. Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Eva you went hard… The perfumes that smell like kitchen cleaning products was timeless. That had me rolling.. I have never tried fiber rich mascara, I am so glad I didn’t. The most hated L’oreal eye makeup remover this must be the worst makeup remover ever. My eyelids were so dry, my god. This was a great list. It had me crackin up.

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