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Quick Makeup Face in the AM


Some of you asked me what is the best way to achieve a quick and clean makeup look in the morning when you are trying to rush out of the house for work. I was actually sitting on a very long flight to L.A (have to tell you about this amaaazing trip!) when drafting this and I figured that this was a good time to finally break it down for you Divas! I will just give you step by step guidelines that I personally follow every morning and that do not take more than 10 minutes.


Step 1: After you wash your face, apply your daily moisturizer (pick one with an SPF of at least 15 during summer time or if you live in a hot climate)


Step 2: The quickest foundation to apply in the morning is the MAC Studio Fix powder. Use it with brush # 182. Make sure you carry a blot powder for quick touch-ups throughout the day.


Step 3: Shape your eyebrows with MAC Eyebrow pencil. Lining your eyebrows will give great definition to your face.


Step 4* Optional: If you wish to apply eyeshadows, pick 2 colors: the lid color (usually darker than the highlighter) and the highlighter. Apply the color on your lid using MAC brush # 252 and use the same brush to go on your eyebrow bone to apply your highlighter.


Step 5: This step will be after step 3 if you do not feel like applying eyeshadow (which is the case for most of us in the morning). Use liquid eyeliner on top of your lid and a pencil in the inner rim (check Post on eyeliner for my favorite eyeliners). Follow this by using your favorite mascara.


Step 6: Contour your lips with a neutral pencil. I like using Chestnut for darker complexion or any color that you feel will blend in with the lipgloss you want to wear. Try to stay as neutral as possible for your lip color when going to the office. My favorite lip combinations are chestnut with Bare Truth, Spite, Underage, Oh baby…


Step 7* Optional: Use a blush if you want to add a little additional touch to your face. I am a big fan of blush and cannot leave the house without it. I like using a matte blush that is not sparkling for the day. If you are of darker complexion, MAC Raizin or Loverush are great choice. If you are lighter, I like Gingerly or Blunt.



Oh noooo!!! Ashanti!!!

I just came accross this picture of the RNB Diva (if that’s ok with you, I would like to call her that…) and thought I need to WARN you: That much color is NOT good!!!

Ashanti is a cute girl but this time, she overdid it with the blue on the eyes and the bright pink on the lips. The bronzer is also waaaayyy tooo heavy! She needs to fire her MUA…really…

She could have gotten away with the blue eyes with a neutral lip or with the pink lips with a more bronzy-neutral eye. Makeup is all about balancing…you want the focus to either be on your eyes or your lips…not both…so Divas, please learn from Ashanti’s mistake next time you decide to go Crazy In Color…




Organizing your make-up

Hello Divas,

One of you asked me if I could share with you how I organize my makeup and post pictures of it…I have to be honest with you and tell you that I have the most unorganized makeup collection you will ever find…LOL. Though, I have been thinking about organizing it and getting a few storing devices from the container store. Procastinating has reared its ugly head again…

Slvrlips from Silver Lips Beauty & Musiq Haven did such a good job with her makeup!!! Make sure you check out her page so you can get ideas on what to do…In the mean time, I vow to be more organized so I can send you pictures of my priceless beautifying “junk”…:-)





Check out Sam Fine!!!

Hello Divas,

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine shopping…as usual…but this time, I had a very good reason: I was looking for dresses for one of my very good friend’s wedding in July. I just found my dresses and I am soooo excited!!! I am even more excited knowing that I will be doing her makeup. She is truly the cutest and most adorable girl that I know!!!

So I Just wanted to share with you Sam Fine’s blog before going to bed on this long, but not so bad sunday evening… Sam Fine is one of the best contemporary celebrity makeup artists (God bless Kevyn Aucoin’s soul…R.I.P) and is really MY makeup guru!!! His artistry constantly inspires me to fevereshly pursue my passion for make-up and to take my artistry to another level.






Beauty of the week ***TIA MOWRY***

It seems like everybody has Tia Mowry on their mind…Ebene sent me a beautiful picture of her and Miss Cynthus from Kuruma featured her wedding on her blog…

Well, she sure deserves to be my beauty of the week just because she has that “je ne sais quoi” that makes her look so adorable and increasingly sophisticated. Might be love…or good genes…or a good facialist…who knows…I don’t know about you but I am glued to my TV every Sunday night to watch the Game… I love her style as Melanie Barnett…although I love her boyfriend/ex in the show Derwin wayyyy more… 😉


So here is how I would replicate her look: (All MAC unless specified)




Cream: Strobe Cream

Foundation: Hyper Real Liquid Foundation (just to give you that glow)

Powder: Mineralized Skinfinish Powder Natural

Blush: a mix of Gingerly and Sunbasque

Highligter: Mineralized Skinfinish WARMED on T-ZONE




Eyebrows: Espresso eyeshadow mixed with Spiked

Base: Fawntastic

Lid: Patina

Crease: Mulch mixed with Bronze

Highighter: Concealer Select moisture cover one shade lighter

Liner: white pencil liner Fascinating (inner rim)

Top liner: Maybelline waterproof liquid in Black

Mascara: Lancome Definicils (if you do not want to wear lashes)

Lashes: MAC #20 (corner lashes)




Liner: Lure

Lipstick: Viva Glam V

Lipgloss: Lipgelee Jellybabe or Saplicious (if you do not want it too pink)


Ok I had to share this picture with you Divas…here is Derwin (Pooch Hall) with his amaaazing 6 packs in a scene of THE GAME…


Eyeliner…or the art of precision…


I have been thinking for a long time to write a post about eyeliners as I realize that they are as important as your eyeshadow when finishing a makeup look. Eyeliner is actually the only thing I wear on my eyes (besides masacara of course) whenever I am running late for work…and that is pretty much every day of the week… 🙂

So, to get my eyes perfectly lined, my favorite liquid eyeliner is the MAYBELLINE WATERPROOF LIQUID, I love it for 2 reasons: 1-the tip of the brush gives you a very precise line and 2-the eyeliner will not run… it is really waterproof!!! I also like using MAC Boot black for the same purpose but just because it’s not waterproof, it’s not my first choice…

If you are looking for an edgier eyeliner look and are in no rush when applying your makeup, use the fluidline from MAC with an eyeliner brush like MAC brush # 266. Please be careful when drawing the line and do not worry if you end up looking like Amy Whinehouse at first…it takes practice 😉 . The fluildine is also the best eyeliner to use on top of your false eyelashes.

Now for your inner eye rim (under eyeliner), please DO NOT USE a liquid or a fluidline!!! Stick to a pencil.

My favorite is a kohl pencil like MAC SMOLDER. I love it and used to wear it everyday until MAC introduced the TECHNAKOHL LINERS!!! I have each and every color of them and believe me, they are the BEST khol pencils around (graphblack and Auto de blu are must have!). Now I won’t lie and tell you that if you spend the night with it it will not smear…because it will, like any pencil. However, I have compared it to the regular MAC KOHL as well as BOURJOIS and LAURA MERCIER and still prefer it to the other two! I heard that MAKEUP FOREVER carried a good one but have not tried it yet…will let you know if it works better…until then, make sure Graphblack is in your makeup bag!





I was browsing the NARS aisle at SEPHORA and totally fell in love with NARS GALAPAGOS eyeshadow from the EXOTICA SUMMER 2008 COLLECTION. Galapagos is a chocolate/ bronze color infused with gold pigments that looks just amaaazing on women of color or just about anybody looking for a tasty bronze look. I tried it on my bare eyelid (yes NARS shadow are so pigmented you don’t even need a base…) and loved it!  I will create a bronze look once I get out of my work week-induced stupor… 😉

In the mean time, make sure you get one…along with AMBER LIGHTS from MAC…I can’t wait to show you what I come up with!!!


NARS was created by Francois Nars, a french make-up artist in 1994. Nars is an “island-lover” and name most of his products after the most beautiful places he visited in the world: Tahiti, Marrakech, Bora Bora etc. He also owns an island in the French Polynesia and gets most of his inspiration from spending some time there… “Motu Tane – Project Nars – is one of the 118 islands of French Polynesia scattered like confetti over the turquoise waters of the South Pacific” (

Wow! You learn something new every day…and people say beautinimous (no…it’s not a real word…) interests are superficial…:-)


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