2008 BET Awards ***Beauties***

So I missed the show last night because I was enjoying some lamb chops at a brazilian restaurant for my sister birthday. We had such a delightful evening that I would not trade it for the world… 

I was looking at the red carpet pictures this morning and realized that black beauty is really unique as I was able to see beauty in each and every celebrity…yes…even Lil Kim 🙂

I am posting the pics starting with the most beautiful faces…

My girl Rihanna had to be first of course!!! She is just a natural beauty and her makeup looked flawless as usual! I am loving the purple/plum lipstick on her…will let you know the closest macth to this color. I am not sure I’m feeling her dress though…


Nia Long: I actually wanted to put her up as my beauty of the week! I just find her so cute and love the almond shapes of her eyes and her flawless black skin. I also think she was one of the best dressed on the red carpet…

Cassie (aka. PDiddy’s rumored boo): She is a very pretty girl that does not need a lot of makeup to enhance her beauty…Her lil pink dress did not make it for me…way too simple for the occasion…

Alicia Keys: Always looks pretty to me! But something was a li ttle off about her make-up this time…something about the glitter eyeliner that I just don’t like on this pic…maybe the way it was applied?!? Her lil pink dress looked cute…loving the pumps!

Gabrielle Union: I just loooove Gaby! I think she is one of the cutest, not to say most beautiful, black actresses today. I just love her little smile …I have been told a few times that we look alike (yes I was!) and it did wonders for my self-esteem… 🙂 although I outweigh her in the cheek and pound department. 🙂


Jennifer Hudson: I like her hair cut and the makeup looks fresh and simple. However, does she always have push/pull up her boobs in every outfit she wears…still love her though…

Lil Kim: I had to put her up on my list of beauties just for MIMI!!! 🙂 She does not look that bad here…actually I think she even looks pretty scary classy…


So who was your favorite?


8 Responses to “2008 BET Awards ***Beauties***”

  1. Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 11:29 am

    My favorite of the night was Rihanna and Nia Long. They always look flawless to me. I think the problem with Rihanna’s look is that the makeup does not match the dress meaning its too dark. The dress is so bright and summery and the makeup is so DARK. Both the dress and makeup are nice……just not together.

    I agree, something looks off about Alicia’s makeup. I think its the foundation.

    I think Gabby is so gorgeous, but that ponytail is NOT the business, sorry.

    I’m getting tired of that bob haircut with Jennifer, although she looks great!!! I am glad to see the tatas covered up.

    And Lil Kim…..no words!!! LOL

  2. Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    I have to say that my favorites were Alicia Keys, Rihanna of course and even the president of BET.. I love the sunkissed look

    I did not recognize Lil Kim at all! She looked scary!!

  3. 3 Mimi
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Thanks Diva, but you really shouldn’t have! I am trying to see the “class” in Kimmi’s make up but I can’t. Why does she keep doing that to herself?? And is she wearing her blush all the way up to the top of her eyebrows????? Is that a new trend??
    I am a little deceived by your look-alike’s whole look. She could have tried a little more (like she does when attending damn near every events in hollywood)!
    My favorite: Rihanna’s head on Nia’s body with Lil kim’s shoes!

  4. 4 eVaDiVa
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    @ Erin: I think you right about Alicia. Her foundation is always weird looking…I know she used to have bad skin too so that may be why. I also think Rihanna likes to have such an unique style and that may be why she did the whole contrast thing with her dress and makeup…

    @ Amina: I didn’t see pics of the president of BET…will check that now!

    @ Mimi: LMAO!!! The blush all the way up to the top of the eyebrows!!! I will try that for my next makeover…
    You are right about Gaby’s outfit, it wasn’t all that…she usually does so much better when she goes to movies premiere…

  5. 5 LaTosha aka MizCheetahDiva
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    One things for certain, no matter how scary she looks in the face she always manages to rock killer shoes and and tdf bags! (Lil Kim’)But seriously why wear so much makeup…I guess all that silicone is finally driving her mad.

    Anyway, I am a little disappointed in Nia’s and Gabby’s look. I think they both look smudged at the edges considering how they usually look for H-wood. The shoes are horrid and the hair looks like it was done in somebody’s house.They could have both rocked better couture..but I guess it was only BET. They were definately the best two out of this group though.

    I hate to be the hater…. but Alicia not that dress, it cuts her in half and when you are bottom heavy you should go for elongating looks or choose a darker color when wearing that cut. Glitter eyeliner…what more do I need to say.

    Eva, I know Ri-Ri is your girl, but that dress was definately not the business and you really dig her makeup? I always think she looks so pale.

    Jennifer…..leave the girls at home sometimes so people can get to know you! LOL!

    This is all in fun ladies… I am just experimenting with haterism. LOL!

    All Black is Beautiful!

  6. 6 nikki
    Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 11:42 am

    Salut la belle Eva, first time commenting on your wonderful blog – keep up the good work!
    I really prefer natural looking makeup that’s not over the top so Nia and Gabby’s makeup looks were my favourite – I’m always trying to replicate that look but I can’t get it down perfectly, practice, practice. Maybe you could do a tutorial? I want to get the nude lip right!
    Lil’ Kim: no comment. C’est une tragedie.
    Rihanna and Alicia’s foundations seem off to me.
    Cassie’s look is also fabulous: not too overdone.
    Jen’s makeup is OK but the hair is just sitting on her head and looks cheap. Nia’s and Gab’s hairstles aren’t too fab either.

  7. Monday, July 7, 2008 at 2:01 am

    my hair is cut just like jennifer hudsons! looks cute…and i LOVE how rihanna looks, i always love her…very nice


  8. 8 Aniyah
    Friday, February 6, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I actually think Lil Kim was the best dressed

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