Hello Divas,

I am sorry for having  been away for sooo long! I have been very busy traveling and being stuck around airports with delayed flights and uncomfortable middle seats (don’t you just hate being in the middle especially when you have to be on a 6 hour flight???)…well, well…

I made it safely to my home country Senegal and have not been able to rest since then…partying, sleeping, eating, then partying again…Now I am focused on working on my professional plans and will definately spend more time sharing my adventures with you divas!!!

So I had the chance to browse the cosmetics aisle duty free at the airport in Montreal and in Paris last week. I was sooo happy to see a MAC counter at the Roissy airport (Paris) that I automatically forgot about how bad my flight was…lol 🙂

So I started shopping (not MAC since I do not get my discount there…). Here are the wonders I found (I should mention that I didnt realize that all the prices were in Euros until I got to the cashier…I almost cried as I realized I was going to be really broke before getting to Dakar…

Thierry Mugler “ALIEN” Eau de Parfum: The beautiful bottle attracted me!!! I bought it for my mom and I just love the smell too! It’s a lil bit fresher than ANGEL and its better for summer…

COCO MADEMOISELLE EAU DE PARFUM: This is my signature parfum…a lil’ pricey but it’s definately worth the price!

 Set of LANCOME mascaras: 2 in a box for the price of 1 and 1/2. My favorite mascaras FATALE and DEFINICIL

DIOR MAKEUP PALETTE: I didn’t really need it but thought it could be nice to have and a cute gift for one of my cousins…The colors are pretty light so they won’t pop out on darker complexion (one of the major problem with Christian Dior makeup…)

Trio Juicy Tubes Lancome: I absolutely have to buy at least one set everytime I travel. You can usually only find them at airports or during the holiday season…great gift for your lil niece or sister who is just starting to wear makeup…

So next time you are between flights, make sure you browse the cosmetics aisle of the duty free (especially in Europe)!



1 Response to “DUTY-FREE WONDERS…”

  1. Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    aaw..glad to hear that you made it safely!
    please eat some tieb for me..lol..
    I love mademoiselle!! it smells soo good!!
    the juicy tubes are so fun…they had one i love but then they discontinued it paparazzi pink..

    anyways, yes Dior should look into making their products more WOC friendly!!
    they always have cute palette especially around the holidays but on me the colors look so washed out…sniff:(

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