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Movies, Red lips and Men…

Don’t you just like the title of this post??? lol

This past weekend was a movie weekend for me!

I first went to see Married Life on Friday night with my girl Malicka and the movie was just sooo interesting…We got to the movies without really knowing what we wanted to see but then decided to go with Married Life after realizing Pierce Brosnan was one of the main characters. For those who don’t know him (I doubt that is even possible…lol) he is Mr. James Bond and the sexiest white man alive (I challenge you to disagree!). The movie was about a married man who falls in love with another woman and plots to poison his wife so he wont have to humiliate her by being with his mistress, while his best friend who is single and very good looking (Pierce) is planning on seducing the same woman…I will not tell you the whole story…just go see the movie…it is worth watching… Rachel Mc Adams’ beauty was striking in the movie. I never found her particularly beautiful but I have to admit that she was…Being very blonde with a deep/bright matte red lipstick enhanced her beauty. Seeing her with a deep red lipstick like that reminded me how classy red can look on a beautiful woman…so divas make sure you restock on your MAC Red, Ruby Woo, Dubonnet or Chili…


The other movie I went to see this weekend was Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. While it wasn’t his best movie, it was still good and i got emotional at one point (Amayel thought my teary eyes were hilarious. Angela Basset looked good with a very neutral makeup and a nice overall fresh look. Rick Fox surprised me as he was actually pretty good on the screen…he looked very handsome too although I did not like the way he was wearing his pants too high on the waist…lol…He is still not at Boris Kodjoe’s level…or Blair Underwood’s (my 2 hubbies…)…I know this is supposed to be a makeup blog but hey…let me post pics of my 3 favorite screen men so you divas can day dream while at work! The light skinned man is Van Vicker, a Ghanaian actor that is driving me sooooooo crazy….

So this is my list of the 3 best looking men on the screen…waiting for your votes Divas…







Beauty of the Week: ***Meagan Good***

Sorry divas I have been out for a week…thank you all for your warm wishes I am feeling much better! I am happy to be back on my feet because I really missed writing…I could not even go to the Heatherette event at MAC Georgetown :o( but hey, that’s ok, I sure have a lot to say about Heatherette…

Meagan Good is the beauty of the week for 2 reasons: 1- her skin is always flawless and 2 she has perfect eyebrows (you know eyebrows are my thing…) and funny enough, she has a lil’ something that reminds me of my baby sis Cynthia (with less cheeks of course)…lol…I would post a pic of her but I’m not sure she would like that…And lastly, we are connected by five degrees of separation, she may have dated a friend of mine but shhhh….don’t tell anyone…(smile)

I particularly like her eye makeup on the second picture (the picture itslef is not great…).



  • New MAC liquid Strobe Cream
  • Select SPF 15 foundation
  • Blush creme in Cheery



  • Lid: Romp
  • Corner of eye lid: Amber lights
  • Crease: Soba
  • Highlighter: a concealer on the brow bone 1 shade lighter
  • Eyebrows: I think these are tatooed but I would still suggest the usual Spiked or Stud pencil add some clear mascara on top or brow gel like Show-off.


Meagan lips are almost always nude pink

  • Lipglass Sock Hop from Heatherette (great color!)
  • Lipliner Beurre

Jada makeup looks!!!

Which one of Jada’s makeup look do you like the best?

Very Natural…


Green eyes…


or Glamour natural…




Beauty of the week: ***MEGAN FOX***

The beautiful actress Megan fox stands out from all Hollywood beauties because of her olive-skinned complexion and perfeclty shaped eyebrows. She is the cutest of all brunettes and always has this special look that just makes you wonder if she is sassy or just sexy…Remember her in Transformers? (a really cool movie that left some in tears…hummm Ebene…) Megan is often compared to Angelina for the sexiness she oozes, lovely pout and love of tattoos.


I am loving her lips and eyebrows on this picture.

To get this look, try:


Foundation: Studio Fix Fluid

Blush: Desert Rose 


Eyelid: Kid eyeshadow

Crease: Very soft with Bamboo

Highlighter: Vanilla

Liner: Thick line on top of the lashes with Blacktrack fluidline

Under-eye liner: Graphblack

Lashes: MAC # 2


Liner: Cream’o spice

Lipstick: Vegas Volt


“College Road Trip” or “when concealer goes wrong”…

I just came back from the movies and could not wait to get behind my computer to warn you about this: NEVER USE A CONCEALER THAT IS WAAAAAYYY TOO LIGHT FOR YOUR COMPLEXION!!!


The movie itself was just ok, it wasn’t Martin’s best movie…and I was kinda expecting that but what really disappointed me was the fact that the movie production could not find one good makeup artist in Hollywood!!! Com’on, it should not be that hard! (The MUA name is Margo Boccia, she has a pretty impressive resume but I don’t know what happened here…). Raven Symone and Kym E. Whitley’s makeup looked sooooo bad I had to write about it!!! They both had a concealer that was at least 4 shades lighter than it should have been and Kim’s false lashes looked like they were about to fall…I could not find pictures that would accurately portray the disaster but if you happen to go see the movie, you will know what I am talking about…

Most people think that a concealer is supposed to be lighter than their complexion and they are totally wrong! Concealers are supposed to “brighten” your under eye not “lighten” it!!! This means that you should use a concealer that looks as natural as possible. If you have dark circles, it only makes sense that it should be slightly lighter than your foundation but then again, you will still need to blend it with your foundation so you do not see this white area under your eye. Remember that the best way to blend it is by dabbing the concealer with your fourth finger.

Here are 2 pics of my girl Halle Berry. The one on top shows a perfectly blended concealer and the one at the bottom shows you how bad a light concealer can look when it is not blended. No disrespect to my girl Halle, I know she doesn’t do her own makeup…



The miracle of makeup!!!

This is fun to watch…


Beauty of the Week: ***Kerry Washington***

Kerry Washington has been one of the fastest rising black actresses in Hollywood. She played the role of the wife of legendary musician Ray Charles in Ray and this role truly took her career to the next level. At first, I never really looked at her as a beautiful black woman but the more I see her, and the more I believe that she is truly pretty and sexy. She has this “je ne sais quoi” that makes her look different from the usual black beauties in Hollywood. That “je ne sais quoi” may probably be her lips and perfect bone structure.


The bronzer and face countouring on this picture accentuated her beauty.


 A mix of MAC Format blush and Refined deeper bronze bronzer can do the trick. Use a stick foundation and the studio finish concealer to get a smooth skin (watch video on Flawless skin under Tutorial category).


Kerry does not seem to be wearing a lot of color on her eyes, if not any at all. I would just perfectly shape the eyebrows with a spiked pencil and add a touch of highlighter on the brow bone like Arena (or Shroom if you are lighter). The main thing on her eyes are the black eyeliner and false eyelashes. I recommend using MAC fluidline in blacktrack with a 266 brush and lashes from your local beauty store…(to see how to wear eyelashes, watch the video under the Tutorial category) 


For the lips, I  recommend a neutral pink or peach lipgloss like Love nectar or Mac 3D lipgloss in Energy.

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NARS TAJ MAHAL BLUSH Great color and a beautiful glow!

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