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Did you say stretch marks???


Here’s the thing: if you are a woman, you will get stretch marks sooner or later…whether you have kids or not. That’s my personal opinion because I haven’t met one woman without tiny lil stretch marks… I recently discovered that stretch marks are not caused by gaining weight; rather they are caused by HORMONES. The weight gain affects the hormones in your body, so weight gain is a factor insofar as its changing hormones, but it isn’t ‘stretching’ the skin. The hormonal changes that occur as a function of gaining weight are the cause. Check you wanna learn more about this “phenomenon”. So to make a long story short, I want to share with you a product that has been considerably helping me “get rid of” lessen my stretch marks. I have been using it daily for over 2 months now and already emptied 2 tubes after a friend recommended it…and MIRACLE: it is actually working! (It’s time for me to get money from all this publicity to all these luxury brands don’t you think??!!??) But hey, anyway…so the product is CLARINS STRETCH MARK CONTROL.


Now I cannot tell you if it is better than the so famous Stri-Vectin since I haven’t tried that one…but at least it is way cheaper ($49 vs. $135). However, I still think that the price is a lil bit pricey given that the tube is small…but hey… A “MASTER CARD” commercial would say: “Price of a clarins tube $49, price of stri vectin $135 and … getting rid of your stretch marks: PRICELESS…” Is that corny?? Lol… Yes indeed that was…  I better go to bed now and avoid writing posts when I am that uninspired…I just really wanted to share this product with you divas as I just got the last drop of my tube…

XoXo eVaDiVa


A very Happy New Year…

Hello Divas,

These past few weeks have been very hectic for me… The last 2 weeks of 2008 had not been the greatest as good and sad events came across my path… The sudden loss of a loved one made me cherish life even more and realize how grateful each and every one of us should be and how love is the most important thing in life after God…

Christmas this year did not feel like it used to…and neither did New Year’s Eve but I am happy and thankful that I was with the people I love, my family and close friends.

On a makeup note, with so many weddings in Dakar this year, I had the opportunity to do makeup for three brides that were as gorgeous as one can think!!! The most amazing and interesting part about these weddings makeup was that each bride had a very different type of beauty and style and mixing the two to come out with the best makeup look for their big day was just an amazing experience! Bridal makeup is at the same time always so challenging and rewarding as you have to deal with the bride’s stress and make sure both of you are happy with the final work.

I would love to show you the pictures but will need to ask permission before posting them so I will let you know as soon as I can…


I also wanted to share with you my favorite makeup product for brides:  GLOBAL GLOW and WARMED mineralized Powder by MAC. It looks AMAAAAAZING on the skin and gives a soft and natural glow on pictures.

Another product that I absolutely felt in love with is FASHION FAIR LIP TEASER in Tickled Pink. It looked amazing on my bride with a MAC PLUM Liner.


I wish you all again a very Happy New Year!!!





Did you say “charcoal”???

So my mom came back from a very long trip (yes I was counting the days … :o) She showed me a few products that she got… mostly clinique and L’oreal (eVaDiVa’s recommendation…) and I saw a few ORIGINS skincare products…

I always liked ORIGINS products although I never bought any…I tried most of them as I was given free samples at the mall and from a friend who used to work there. My mom bought each and every kind of face cream they have (that’s what she does when experimenting…no wonder where I got it from…lol). Among all the products she got, the CLEAR IMPROVEMENT charcoal mask was the one that really caught my eyes as the product is really dark like charcoal…so I tried it and I have to say that I am just IN LOOOOOVE with it!!! I still love CLINIQUE emergency mask but I have to tell you that this one will give your skin a very soft a clean appearance. Use it once a week after your weekly mini-facial and you will see the results right away if your skin has large pores (oily).

Here is what Origins says about this life saver: Active Charcoal mask to clear pores. Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep pore-clogging impurities while White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins to give skin a deep-down cleansing.

Retail Price: $17.50





Bobbi Brown Bronzer!!!

I have been thinking about writing a product review for Bobbi Brown bronzer in DEEP 4 ever since I bought it 2 months ago but just didn’t get a chance. The product is a lil bit expensive “$33” (compared with other brands) but it’s well worth the price!!! The color I picked is DEEP 4 (the darkest). I was looking for a totally matte bronzer with no shimmer at all and I can say that this one is the best out there for WOC! It’s not too brown, not too red and can be used as a blush as well. Do not over-do it if you plan on taking pictures as it may appear too red on the cam…

This is now officially my new bronzer/blush until I get tired of it…lol…



Ça fait un moment que je pense à écrire une critique sur  la poudre bronzante de Bobbi Brown, couleur Deep 4 depuis que je l’ai achetée il y’a deux mois mais je n’ai juste pas eu un moment pour le faire.

Ce produit est un peu cher « $33 » (comparé aux autres marques) mais il  vaut bien son prix !!! La couleur que j’ai choisi est Deep 4(la plus foncée). Je cherchais une poudre bronzante au  fini mat naturel  et tout ce que je peux dire  c’est la meilleure sur le marché pour les femmes de couleur. Elle n’est ni trop brune, ni trop rouge et peut être aussi utilisée comme un fard à joues. Si vous comptez prendre des photos, n’en mettez pas trop comme elle peut apparaitre trop rouge sur la caméra….

Elle est officiellement ma nouvelle poudre soleil/fard à joues jusqu’ à ce que je m’en lasse….lol…




Hello Divas,

I am sorry for having  been away for sooo long! I have been very busy traveling and being stuck around airports with delayed flights and uncomfortable middle seats (don’t you just hate being in the middle especially when you have to be on a 6 hour flight???)…well, well…

I made it safely to my home country Senegal and have not been able to rest since then…partying, sleeping, eating, then partying again…Now I am focused on working on my professional plans and will definately spend more time sharing my adventures with you divas!!!

So I had the chance to browse the cosmetics aisle duty free at the airport in Montreal and in Paris last week. I was sooo happy to see a MAC counter at the Roissy airport (Paris) that I automatically forgot about how bad my flight was…lol 🙂

So I started shopping (not MAC since I do not get my discount there…). Here are the wonders I found (I should mention that I didnt realize that all the prices were in Euros until I got to the cashier…I almost cried as I realized I was going to be really broke before getting to Dakar…

Thierry Mugler “ALIEN” Eau de Parfum: The beautiful bottle attracted me!!! I bought it for my mom and I just love the smell too! It’s a lil bit fresher than ANGEL and its better for summer…

COCO MADEMOISELLE EAU DE PARFUM: This is my signature parfum…a lil’ pricey but it’s definately worth the price!

 Set of LANCOME mascaras: 2 in a box for the price of 1 and 1/2. My favorite mascaras FATALE and DEFINICIL

DIOR MAKEUP PALETTE: I didn’t really need it but thought it could be nice to have and a cute gift for one of my cousins…The colors are pretty light so they won’t pop out on darker complexion (one of the major problem with Christian Dior makeup…)

Trio Juicy Tubes Lancome: I absolutely have to buy at least one set everytime I travel. You can usually only find them at airports or during the holiday season…great gift for your lil niece or sister who is just starting to wear makeup…

So next time you are between flights, make sure you browse the cosmetics aisle of the duty free (especially in Europe)!



Eyeliner…or the art of precision…


I have been thinking for a long time to write a post about eyeliners as I realize that they are as important as your eyeshadow when finishing a makeup look. Eyeliner is actually the only thing I wear on my eyes (besides masacara of course) whenever I am running late for work…and that is pretty much every day of the week… 🙂

So, to get my eyes perfectly lined, my favorite liquid eyeliner is the MAYBELLINE WATERPROOF LIQUID, I love it for 2 reasons: 1-the tip of the brush gives you a very precise line and 2-the eyeliner will not run… it is really waterproof!!! I also like using MAC Boot black for the same purpose but just because it’s not waterproof, it’s not my first choice…

If you are looking for an edgier eyeliner look and are in no rush when applying your makeup, use the fluidline from MAC with an eyeliner brush like MAC brush # 266. Please be careful when drawing the line and do not worry if you end up looking like Amy Whinehouse at first…it takes practice 😉 . The fluildine is also the best eyeliner to use on top of your false eyelashes.

Now for your inner eye rim (under eyeliner), please DO NOT USE a liquid or a fluidline!!! Stick to a pencil.

My favorite is a kohl pencil like MAC SMOLDER. I love it and used to wear it everyday until MAC introduced the TECHNAKOHL LINERS!!! I have each and every color of them and believe me, they are the BEST khol pencils around (graphblack and Auto de blu are must have!). Now I won’t lie and tell you that if you spend the night with it it will not smear…because it will, like any pencil. However, I have compared it to the regular MAC KOHL as well as BOURJOIS and LAURA MERCIER and still prefer it to the other two! I heard that MAKEUP FOREVER carried a good one but have not tried it yet…will let you know if it works better…until then, make sure Graphblack is in your makeup bag!





I was browsing the NARS aisle at SEPHORA and totally fell in love with NARS GALAPAGOS eyeshadow from the EXOTICA SUMMER 2008 COLLECTION. Galapagos is a chocolate/ bronze color infused with gold pigments that looks just amaaazing on women of color or just about anybody looking for a tasty bronze look. I tried it on my bare eyelid (yes NARS shadow are so pigmented you don’t even need a base…) and loved it!  I will create a bronze look once I get out of my work week-induced stupor… 😉

In the mean time, make sure you get one…along with AMBER LIGHTS from MAC…I can’t wait to show you what I come up with!!!


NARS was created by Francois Nars, a french make-up artist in 1994. Nars is an “island-lover” and name most of his products after the most beautiful places he visited in the world: Tahiti, Marrakech, Bora Bora etc. He also owns an island in the French Polynesia and gets most of his inspiration from spending some time there… “Motu Tane – Project Nars – is one of the 118 islands of French Polynesia scattered like confetti over the turquoise waters of the South Pacific” (

Wow! You learn something new every day…and people say beautinimous (no…it’s not a real word…) interests are superficial…:-)


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