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Essential brushes

Brushes are essential tools that you will need to have in order to achieve good results with your makeup application. Unless you are a makeup artist, you do not need more than 5 brushes in your makeup bag. I strongly recommend buying brushes from either Sephora or M.A.C. I know that they can be pricey but please ladies, do not think twice about investing in them as they will give you the best application and last for a lifetime.   

  1. m87d_261.jpgShader brush # 242: I like using this brush to apply my eye color base and the color that goes on the lower part of the eyelid
  2. m87n_261.jpgTapered blending brush # 224: this brush is perfect for the crease (middle part of your lid). It will not deposit too much product on your lid and you can easily blend the eyeshadow.
  3. m87w_261.jpgMedium angled shading brush # 275: This brush is used if you want to apply a darker color in the outside crease of your eye. It is angled and easy to use on the outside corner of the crease. You can use # 224 if your crease needs more blending.
  4. m87r_261.jpgLarge shader brush # 252: This is one of my favorite brushes. It can replace # 242 if you have a large eyelid. I use it primarily to apply my highlighter under my eyebrow.
  5. m872_261.jpgMedium angled brush # 269: is a good eyeliner brush. You can also use it if you use a lighter concealer as your highlighter under your eyebrow.


 If you want your brushes to last longer, please buy a brush cleanser and wash them as often as you can! The brush cleanser at MAC is $10.   


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