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Beauty of the week ***ROCHELLE AYTES***

You may remember Rochelle if you are a fan of Tyler Perry’s movies. She played the role of the beautiful fiance of very handsome Blair Underwood in Madea’s family Reunion. She also did a lot of commercials for L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Mc Donalds and Mercedes Benz.

Her look on this picture is very soft and yet, looks very glamour…Here is how you could do this at home:



Foundation: Mineralize satin finish liquid

Concealer: Select cover up

Blush: Mineralized blush “Love Thing”

Powder: Lose powder


Base: Cream color base SHELL

Lid: Retrospeck

Crease: Woodwinked

Highlighter: Shroom

Eyeliner: Fluidline blacktrack on top with brush # 266 and graphblack inner eye rim

Lashes: MAC #7  or just a good curving and thickening masacara like Lancome flextencils


Liner: Cork

Lipstick: Honeyflower

Lipgloss: lipgelee Gemshine




Beauty of the week ***WARIS DIRIE***



I was sitting in my living room watching a documentary on female genital mutilation in Africa  and thought about all the women that went through that sad and barbaric experience. Among them is Waris Dirie, a Somalian model who gained international fame as a model posing in Chanel ads and acting in the 1987 James Bond movie “The Living Daylights” before launching her campaign against female genital mutilation in 1996. She shocked the world with a best-selling book “Desert Flower” that described how her genitals were sliced off with a dirty razor blade without anesthesia, and then stitched together. (Source)

She recently made headlines when she vanished for 3 days in Brussels, Belgium. She was found alive on Friday, March 7, 2008 by a plainclothes Brussels policeman, in the presence of a local window cleaner. He told press, that the couple met in a pub and were planning to spend dinner together. Dirie could not give an explanation over what happened, and only said that she was lost, and couldn’t find her way back to her hotel. Since she had no money on her, she had been sleeping in hotel lobbies. Afterwards, she declared that she was kidnapped for two days by a taxi driver and the story of having been lost was to keep the press from asking her too many questions. (source)

To learn more about Female genital mutilation and donate visit:


I am not a big fan of her eye makeup on this picture but really like how her skin is flawless.

To replicate her look, I would slightly change the way her eye makeup was done using a combination of grey smokey eye shadows.


Foundation: Select SPF 15

Concealer: Select cover up

Blush: Mineralize blush Love Joy


Eyebrows: fill with espresso eyeshadow

Eyebase: Paint in architecture

Lid: Print

Crease: Silver Ring

Highlight: Vanilla pigment


Liner: Nightmoth

Lipstick: Desire


Beauty of the Week ***GENEVIEVE NNAJI***

So I have been sitting around all weekend watching Nigerian and Ghanean movies instead of running some “very important” errands…I went to my local African market and decided to buy a few movies where Van Vicker a.k.a “Eva’s Husband” 🙂 was playing. I am sooo happy that I bought BROKEN TEARS and RIVER OF TEARS because that’s how I discovered the beautiful Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji. She is just simply naturally beautiful! She did not have too much makeup in the movie and you could see that she is a true African Beauty! She is also a great actress and I have to admit that I like her waaaayyy better than Nadia Buari (who is also a great actress).

Here is a short bio from Wikipedia about the actress:

Genevieve Nnaji (born May 03, 1979) is a popular Nigerian actress from the Mbaise region of Imo State, Nigeria. Genevieve found mainstream success in Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry’s nickname, in 2001, and has consistently added accolades, such as singer, producer to her resume. In 2004 she became the face for Lux soap in a highly lucrative sponsorship deal. Among other actors and actresses, she released her first album, titled No More, in 2005, following a one year acting ban in Nigeria.




Foundation: Select SPF 15

Powder: Mineralize skinfinish Lose powder

Blush: X-Rocks from Neo Sci-Fi collection

Bronzer: as a countour only BOBBI BROWN in DEEP 4


Eyebrows: Spiked or Stud eyenrow pencil (stud is for darker complexion)

Eyebase: Paint in architecture

Eyelid: Samoa Silk

Eye crease: Charcoal Brown

Outer Crease corner: Brun

Highligter: Arena

Eyeliner: Blacktrack on top and Graphblack at the bottom

Lashes: Lancome Mascara Definicils in Black


Liner: Chestnut

Lipgloss: Revealing or plushglass in Ample Pink if you want a hint of pink…




Beauty of the week: ***MEGAN FOX***

The beautiful actress Megan fox stands out from all Hollywood beauties because of her olive-skinned complexion and perfeclty shaped eyebrows. She is the cutest of all brunettes and always has this special look that just makes you wonder if she is sassy or just sexy…Remember her in Transformers? (a really cool movie that left some in tears…hummm Ebene…) Megan is often compared to Angelina for the sexiness she oozes, lovely pout and love of tattoos.


I am loving her lips and eyebrows on this picture.

To get this look, try:


Foundation: Studio Fix Fluid

Blush: Desert Rose 


Eyelid: Kid eyeshadow

Crease: Very soft with Bamboo

Highlighter: Vanilla

Liner: Thick line on top of the lashes with Blacktrack fluidline

Under-eye liner: Graphblack

Lashes: MAC # 2


Liner: Cream’o spice

Lipstick: Vegas Volt


Beauty of the week: ***LAUREN LONDON***


You may remember Lauren London from the movie ATL or This Christmas. She is also the spokesmodel for Sean John for women and has been seen in the TV show Entourage. Her cute smile along with her beautiful hair makes her one of the most charming black girl in Hollywood. Her glamorous makeup on this picture is a mix of soft gold and bronze on the eyes and a pale pink/ beige matte lipstick.

If you are light skin like her (or Ebene… ;o), I would reproduce this look using: 

Eye lid: Amber lights

Crease: Bronze and Patina

Hightlighter: very soft with Arena or a light concealer 

Inner corner of the eye: Goldmine

Face: Blush in Hushabye and Refined Deeper bronze bronzer below the apple of your cheeks.

For the lips, Blanketty lipstick will be the best. It’s a soft pink beige lipstick that will give you the exact same look. You will not need to use a lipliner for this but if you just love lip liners and cannot live without them, try Spice. 

Ebene, thanks for sending this pic and I am waiting to post yours next to it once you do the look! 

Divas, if you find a makeup look that you like online, copy and paste the link of the picture on the section “ask me” and I will be more than happy to detail it for you.


Makeup, stilettos, martinis and chocolates…

This was the theme to one of the best birthday parties I have ever been to. I had the chance to be a part of this amazing night Saturday, celebrating Miss Sabria birthday at Cafe Asia (best place to dance the night away in DC…check out their parties at It was a special night for girls where we were able to enjoy makeup presentations by the talented Miss Kia ( and I. We were also able to learn a lot about how to make sure you have the right bra size thanks to Melissa Tappin, Victoria’s Secret Consultant. 

My presentation was focused on eyebrows and lashes. I explained step by step how you can get a perfectly arched eyebrow and the “does and don’t” of wearing fake eye lashes. I am posting a few pictures from the event…will post more pics once they come out.

Special thanks to my girl Vanessa for helping. You are the best MUA!!!

On this pic, the birthday girl and I with smokey eyes…


My model for the presentation was Jonelle (I have to admit that doing makeup on her was not that big of a challenge because she already had perfect eyebrows and her skin was amazingly flawless!!!)



Jonelle is wearing (all MAC):


NW45 Studio Tech foundation

Concealer: Select cover-up NW 45

Blush: Format

Mineralize skin finish powder Deep Dark


Base: Architecture paint

Lid: Bitter

Crease: Mulch, outer crease: Femme Noir

Highlighter: Concealer NW 40

Eyeliner: blacktrack fluidline and smolder

Lashes: Sossi (will check the #)


Liner: Chestnut

Lipglass: Sugar-trance (FAFI)  


Getting old…feeling the blues…

I got home today after a long day at work and decided to do the only thing that makes me feel good and relaxed…MAKEUP!!! As the time of reaching the big 27 approaches…(yes i’m getting older in less then 24hrs…HAPPY BDAY to me!!!) I m feeling the “blues”…

Special thanks to my lovely sis Gaby for taking the pics!





– Eye base: Paint in architecture

-Eyelid: lower part: Jewel blue

-Eyelid: crease brown script

-Eyelid: outer crease Plumage

-Inner corner of the eye: Electra

– Highlighter: Concealer NW40 (shade lighter)

– Lashes # 7

– Auto-blue eyeliner bottom

– Boot Black liquid eyeline on top

-Blush: Raizin

-Lipliner : cork

-Lipglass: Beaux

My foundation is Studio Tech in NW43 with a touch of the mineralized powder

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NARS TAJ MAHAL BLUSH Great color and a beautiful glow!

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