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Beauty of the Week: ***Kerry Washington***

Kerry Washington has been one of the fastest rising black actresses in Hollywood. She played the role of the wife of legendary musician Ray Charles in Ray and this role truly took her career to the next level. At first, I never really looked at her as a beautiful black woman but the more I see her, and the more I believe that she is truly pretty and sexy. She has this “je ne sais quoi” that makes her look different from the usual black beauties in Hollywood. That “je ne sais quoi” may probably be her lips and perfect bone structure.


The bronzer and face countouring on this picture accentuated her beauty.


 A mix of MAC Format blush and Refined deeper bronze bronzer can do the trick. Use a stick foundation and the studio finish concealer to get a smooth skin (watch video on Flawless skin under Tutorial category).


Kerry does not seem to be wearing a lot of color on her eyes, if not any at all. I would just perfectly shape the eyebrows with a spiked pencil and add a touch of highlighter on the brow bone like Arena (or Shroom if you are lighter). The main thing on her eyes are the black eyeliner and false eyelashes. I recommend using MAC fluidline in blacktrack with a 266 brush and lashes from your local beauty store…(to see how to wear eyelashes, watch the video under the Tutorial category) 


For the lips, I  recommend a neutral pink or peach lipgloss like Love nectar or Mac 3D lipgloss in Energy.


When Makeup gets into politics…Hillary vs. Michelle

Aren’t we all so excited to know that we could potentially have a woman as the leader of the “free” world or an African-american as the first lady???

 I was watching the democratic debate late on Tuesday night and realized that Hillary makeup looked so much better than back in the days when she used to be first lady. Despite the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, her makeup artist did a good job brightening what used to be a dull face…I like the peachy and rosy tone blush and lipstick. However, I think that her eyebrows could be a little be more defined as they appear too thin. Another thing I noticed, and didn’t like about her makeup, was the under eye eyeliner. It is not placed in the inner eye rim and this makes her eye look unecessarly bigger…(not always a good thing…). 


Michelle, Michelle, Michelle…I like the fact that this woman personality is as strong as her jaws (I’m not trying to be mean)…I think that she is far from being the prettiest woman but I think she knows how to have a soft, natural and sophisticated look when it comes to makeup. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows give her this “serious” look that could make Hillary refrain from sarcastically imitating Obama or sending him”Shame on you!”attacks! I also like the brown colors she wears on her lips (looks like Fetish or “O” lipstick from MAC with a Chestnut liner).

 I am posting the second picture just so that my girl Amayel can hate…(Obama gently kissing her cheek….Oh Obama reminds me so much of…let me stop here) 

Michelle’s makeup looks also pretty good on this picture (too much blush…but it’s ok…I love blush too)…maybe I need to send my application to be her MUA as I know deep in my heart that she will be First Lady… ;0)




Katoucha…rest in peace

The body of Katoucha Niane, one of the first African women to attain international stardom as a model  and a vocal opponent of female genital mutilation, was found in the Seine River yesterday.

I am sorry this video is in French…


She was not only the former model of Yves Saint Laurent but also, one of the most talented African model and beauty in the world.

We will always remember her and may she rest in peace…

“I embodied the most arrogant and admired kind of femininity, I who was supposed to be diminished” Katoucha


Makeup, stilettos, martinis and chocolates…

This was the theme to one of the best birthday parties I have ever been to. I had the chance to be a part of this amazing night Saturday, celebrating Miss Sabria birthday at Cafe Asia (best place to dance the night away in DC…check out their parties at It was a special night for girls where we were able to enjoy makeup presentations by the talented Miss Kia ( and I. We were also able to learn a lot about how to make sure you have the right bra size thanks to Melissa Tappin, Victoria’s Secret Consultant. 

My presentation was focused on eyebrows and lashes. I explained step by step how you can get a perfectly arched eyebrow and the “does and don’t” of wearing fake eye lashes. I am posting a few pictures from the event…will post more pics once they come out.

Special thanks to my girl Vanessa for helping. You are the best MUA!!!

On this pic, the birthday girl and I with smokey eyes…


My model for the presentation was Jonelle (I have to admit that doing makeup on her was not that big of a challenge because she already had perfect eyebrows and her skin was amazingly flawless!!!)



Jonelle is wearing (all MAC):


NW45 Studio Tech foundation

Concealer: Select cover-up NW 45

Blush: Format

Mineralize skin finish powder Deep Dark


Base: Architecture paint

Lid: Bitter

Crease: Mulch, outer crease: Femme Noir

Highlighter: Concealer NW 40

Eyeliner: blacktrack fluidline and smolder

Lashes: Sossi (will check the #)


Liner: Chestnut

Lipglass: Sugar-trance (FAFI)  


I told u…watch out for these pink lips…

pink-004.jpgThey rocked the pink lips…going from natural pink to flashy pink! Now please let me know who looks better? (btw, these are my pink lips on the left…the gloss name is MAC perfectly pink)

Sanaa Lathan: very soft natural makeup with a barely pink lipstick


Miss Halle: Rocking it as usual! Her makeup on this pic is just P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L. I will have to post this pic again and try to detail all her makeup on it! Loving the lips…


Gabrielle Union: I love all her makeup on this pic! The smokey eyes look fabulous!


Last but definately not least: My girl Rih Rih!!! The lips look amazing in this bright fuschia…



Pink & red lips will be your valentine honey…

If you never dared wearing that pinkish red lipstick or lipgloss…today is the day! You even have the right to rub these red lips on the collar of his new white Ralph Lauren shirt (how’bout that…;o)…lol)

Pink and red lips can be so sexy when worn the right way!!!  Avoid wearing bright colors on your eyes. You should have  a very soft and natural eye. If you have a dark complexion, use colors like Mulch (all colors MAC ) mixed with some Swiss chocolate on the lid and Arena as a highlighter. If you have fair or very light skin, try Woodwinked and Brown script with Shroom as your highlighter. You can always wear pink/purple (see pic below from MAC Barbie collection) but wear them very softly.


For the cutest pink lips:

·        Lipliner: Magenta (will give you a fuschia color…love it!!!); Whirl or Plum (if you are darker)

·        Lipstick: Girl about town or Lustering

·        Lipgloss: Pink Poodle or Plus Luxe plushglass

For the sexiest red lips:

·        Lipliner: Vino, current or nightmoth

·        Lipstick: “MAC Red” ; Dubonnet; Russian Red or Chili

·        Lipgloss: I like using the clear lipglass. Ur lips will be red enough after the lipstick so no need to add a red lipglass on top!

Now divas, please DO NOT wear a red dress with these lips…moderation is the key to sexiness…


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Thank you for all the love and support you girls give me everyday!






Des lèvres roses et rouges pour la Saint-Valentin

Si tu n’as jamais osé porter un rouge à lèvres rosé ou encore ce brillant à lèvres rosâtre aux accents rouges …c’est le jour idéal aujourd’hui ! En plus, tu as même le droit d’en laisser une trace sur le col de sa nouvelle chemise blanche Ralph Lauren (qu’en dis tu ?… :o)…mdr)

Des lèvres rosées et rouges peuvent être si séduisantes quand on choisit bien son produit !! Évites de porter des couleurs vives sur les yeux. Le maquillage des yeux doit être neutre et soyeux. Si tu as une carnation cannelle, miel, ébène, utilises une ombre  à paupières comme Mulch (tous les coloris sont de MAC) mélangé avec Swiss Chocolate sur la paupière et Arena pour souligner ?  Pour les carnations claires ou rosées, essaies Woodwinked  et Brown script avec Shroom pour souligner ?.  Tu peux toujours porter une couleur rose ou prune (voir la photo ci-dessous de la collection Barbie de MAC) mais portes-les subtilement.

Pour des lèvres roses toutes mimis :

  • Crayon à lèvres : Magenta(te donnera une couleur fuchsia…j’adore !!!) ; Whirl ou Plum (si tu as une carnation plus foncée)
  • Rouge à lèvres : Girl about town ou Lustering
  • Brillant   à lèvres : Pink Poodle ou Plus Luxe plushglass


Pour des lèvres rouges les plus séduisantes :

  • Crayon à lèvres : Vino, Current ou Nightmoth
  • Rouge à lèvres : “MAC Red”, Dubonnet, Russian Red ou Chili
  • Brillant à lèvres : j’aime bien utiliser un brillant transparent. Tes lèvres seront assez rouges après le rouge à lèvres donc ce n’est vraiment pas la peine d’ajouter un brillant rouge par-dessus.

Alors mes chères Divas, NE PORTEZ PAS une robe rouge avec ces lèvres. La modération est la clé de la séduction.






***2008 Grammys Beauty shots***


Are you feeling the pink lips on her? Personally I like it but I feel like her makeup could have been a lil bit better…she always wears too much foundation…



NOTHING TO SAY!!! SHE ROCKED IT!!! I’m loving the nude pink lips…



Oooooh Lord….who the hell was her makeup artist??? The lips look too dark, the eyeshadow wasn’t blended the right way (even if it’s to get a dramatic corner shape effect)…and do not even get me started on the bad weave…beyonce: we’ve seen better from u…do u agree or disagree???


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