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Lauren London & Gabrielle Union “Miss Independent”

I have been watching over and over again for the last 2 weeks Neyo new video “Miss Independent”. The song itself is beautiful but the women in the video are even more beautiful. Gabrielle Union and Lauren London are the 2 main characters in the video and they looked pretty from head to toes.

Je n’ai pas cessé de regarder  ces 2 dernières semaines le nouveau clip de Neyo « Miss Independent ». La chanson en elle-même est belle mais les femmes dans le clip sont d’une beauté époustouflante. Gabrielle Union et Lauren London sont les 2 principales actrices dans la vidéo et elles ont une beauté presque parfaite pour ne pas dire « totalement » parfaite…

Gabrielle Union’s makeup and hair were very pretty and classy (I’m loving her coat on this pic!!!). She was wearing a very neutral lip color (ssugestion:Spirit lipstick from MAC) with a natural blush color (suggestion: blunt from MAC). Her eyes didn’t look to made up, I would just use a black liner and smudge it up to the crease line and under the innder eye rim. Add some false eyelashes with a thickenning mascara (Lancome Fatale) to finish this look.

Gabrielle Union avait un maquillage tres naturel et une tres belle coiffure (j’aime également beaucoup sa veste sur cette photo !!!). Son rouge a lèvre est une couleur tres neutre (suggestion : Spirit de MAC) avec un fard a joue un peu comme un bronzant neutre (suggestion: Blunt de MAC). Son maquillage des yeux avait l’air d’être tres naturel. J’utiliserais juste un crayon Khôl noir le long de la ligne des cils en le mélangeant légèrement le long de la paupière. J’ajouterais quelques faux cils avec un mascara épaississant (Lancôme Fatale) pour finir ce look.

Lauren London was cute and sexy as usual. She was wearing a very soft smokey eye and had neutral lips just like Gabrielle. Smokey soft eyes and neautral lips seems to be the trend right now in most videos…

Check out the video…


Lauren London est toujours belle et sexy. Ses yeux dans ce clip étaient maquillés en smokey avec un rouge à lèvre/ brillant à lèvre tres neutre comme Gabrielle Union. Maquiller les yeux en smokey et mettre un rouge à lèvre neutre semblent être la tendance maintenant…

Voici la video…







2008 BET Awards ***Beauties***

So I missed the show last night because I was enjoying some lamb chops at a brazilian restaurant for my sister birthday. We had such a delightful evening that I would not trade it for the world… 

I was looking at the red carpet pictures this morning and realized that black beauty is really unique as I was able to see beauty in each and every celebrity…yes…even Lil Kim 🙂

I am posting the pics starting with the most beautiful faces…

My girl Rihanna had to be first of course!!! She is just a natural beauty and her makeup looked flawless as usual! I am loving the purple/plum lipstick on her…will let you know the closest macth to this color. I am not sure I’m feeling her dress though…


Nia Long: I actually wanted to put her up as my beauty of the week! I just find her so cute and love the almond shapes of her eyes and her flawless black skin. I also think she was one of the best dressed on the red carpet…

Cassie (aka. PDiddy’s rumored boo): She is a very pretty girl that does not need a lot of makeup to enhance her beauty…Her lil pink dress did not make it for me…way too simple for the occasion…

Alicia Keys: Always looks pretty to me! But something was a li ttle off about her make-up this time…something about the glitter eyeliner that I just don’t like on this pic…maybe the way it was applied?!? Her lil pink dress looked cute…loving the pumps!

Gabrielle Union: I just loooove Gaby! I think she is one of the cutest, not to say most beautiful, black actresses today. I just love her little smile …I have been told a few times that we look alike (yes I was!) and it did wonders for my self-esteem… 🙂 although I outweigh her in the cheek and pound department. 🙂


Jennifer Hudson: I like her hair cut and the makeup looks fresh and simple. However, does she always have push/pull up her boobs in every outfit she wears…still love her though…

Lil Kim: I had to put her up on my list of beauties just for MIMI!!! 🙂 She does not look that bad here…actually I think she even looks pretty scary classy…


So who was your favorite?


***Nude lips for dark skin***


One of my fellow readers asked me how she could get a nude lip if she has a dark complexion. The key to having a nude lip (like the beautiful lips of Gabrielle Union on this pic) is all in your choice of color. Stay as close as you can to dark beige and brown. Avoid lipglasses with too much shimmer unless you are looking for a nude night look (in which case, the eternal “Oh Baby” lipglass is the best!)

My picks will be (all MAC):

  • Chestnut lipliner
  • Chai lipglass
  • Bare Truth lipglass
  • Revealing lipglass
  • Spite lipglass

I am not a big fan of lipstick but if you are, you may wanna try Spirit, Paramount or Chelsea.

Also, if you find Chestnut lipliner too light for you, try Costa Riche eyeliner (yes it’s an eyeliner but it’s not too dark to be used on the lips if you find chestnut too light…)

I hope this helps Patrina… 


I told u…watch out for these pink lips…

pink-004.jpgThey rocked the pink lips…going from natural pink to flashy pink! Now please let me know who looks better? (btw, these are my pink lips on the left…the gloss name is MAC perfectly pink)

Sanaa Lathan: very soft natural makeup with a barely pink lipstick


Miss Halle: Rocking it as usual! Her makeup on this pic is just P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L. I will have to post this pic again and try to detail all her makeup on it! Loving the lips…


Gabrielle Union: I love all her makeup on this pic! The smokey eyes look fabulous!


Last but definately not least: My girl Rih Rih!!! The lips look amazing in this bright fuschia…


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