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One word to define them: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

These new lipglasses are just the perfect combination of a lustreglass and chrystal pearl pigments. They look just AH-MA-ZIN’!! You can even pull them off during the day but be mindful of their ultra shine factor.

My favorite color is BARE NECESSITY, I like wearing it with my chestnut or mahagony lipliner. I also bought GET RICH QUICK, MONEY HONEY, GLAMOUR OD…I told you I Just love them all!!! I also love the fact that the brush is just like the “lustreglass” brush and not like the “lipglass” one…if you are a MAC Addict, you will know the difference… 🙂

Mac says:

“Lipcolour that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips. Large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystal. Provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence. Non-sticky, non-tacky, lightweight and moisturizing. Glides on. Wear alone, or layer over lipstick or Lipglass for dramatic effect.”




Lipgloss time divas!!!

After being almost depressed because of some weight related issues yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good as I realized that having feminine curves can make more than one envious…(you are right Amina!!!)…


So I was sitting at my desk today sipping my morning cappuccino and I looked at the pink lip stain I  left on the cup and thought…humm…maybe I should write about lipglosses today…

So divas, here are my favorite MAC lip colors…I am listing them in no particular order of preference…I love them all…


  • Ample Pink (lipliner: chesnut, plum, vino or current)
  • Fulfilled (this one is almost like a clear lipgloss so you do not really need a liner)
  • Wet, wild, wonderful (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Nice buzz (lipliner: chestnut or cork)


  • Oh Baby (the eternal oh baby!!! with a chetnut liner of course, or if you are lighter Cork liner)
  • Viva glam V (benefits the MAC AIDS fund check —>
  • Viva glam VI
  • C-thru (that’s a very light beige gloss, you can use any liner, depending on what color you want your lips to look)
  • Chai (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Prrr (lipliner: chestnut or cork)
  • Revealing (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Florabundance (lipliner: very soft line with cork or hodpodge)
  • Nico (lipliner: currant, vino, nightmoth)
  • Dreamy (lipliner: vino)
  • Oyster Girl (any lipliner)
  • Desire (this is one of my favorite one…with a nightmoth or currant liner, it will give you a dark red color)


  • Beaux (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Love Nectar (lipliner: cork or chestnut)
  • Wonderstruck (lipliner: plum)
  • Decorative (lipliner: vino)

This list does not include some of the limited collection items…I did not want to list them because they are currently unavailable in stores. 


***Nude lips for dark skin***


One of my fellow readers asked me how she could get a nude lip if she has a dark complexion. The key to having a nude lip (like the beautiful lips of Gabrielle Union on this pic) is all in your choice of color. Stay as close as you can to dark beige and brown. Avoid lipglasses with too much shimmer unless you are looking for a nude night look (in which case, the eternal “Oh Baby” lipglass is the best!)

My picks will be (all MAC):

  • Chestnut lipliner
  • Chai lipglass
  • Bare Truth lipglass
  • Revealing lipglass
  • Spite lipglass

I am not a big fan of lipstick but if you are, you may wanna try Spirit, Paramount or Chelsea.

Also, if you find Chestnut lipliner too light for you, try Costa Riche eyeliner (yes it’s an eyeliner but it’s not too dark to be used on the lips if you find chestnut too light…)

I hope this helps Patrina… 




I just came back from Sephora where I felt in love with the new NARS collection (felt better after that huge disappointment from MAC…).Shanghai  lily collection is a mixed of golden champagne colors with deep red grapevine lipgloss and lipstick. I love the dark lip look with a nightmoth (MAC…they are still in my heart  ;o) lipliner. NARS most famous blush Orgasm is in a stick creamy form which facilitates the application and can give your skin a pretty glow! If you have a darker complexion, the blush will be too light for you but other than that, the whole collection is worth buying!!! 




So I went to NY this weekend and decided to go visit the new MAC pro store (7, 22nd St).  It was pretty hard to find as nothing indicated that it was a MAC store from the outside. You have to buzz in from outside the building and take a tiny elevator to the 2nd floor that opens up inside the actual store.  The store itself is huge and the setting looks nice but I still had the worst experience. I don’t know if it’s because they know that we are makeup artist and thus not “real” customers that they are not nice…but the customer service did not make you feel like spending your money in there.

First of all, the manager was pretty rude to me. I am not sure if it was because I had to tell her to look up my pro card renewal in the system (since a mistake was made when I first renewed it 3 months ago) or because she was pregnant (hormones…) but she was just very nasty!  Anyway, she made a big deal out of it and thank God I was able to call my former manager from Pentagon and have her call the store and talk to the prego woman so she could let me use my discount…Needless to say that after that, she was not eager to help me get my stuffs… I had to walk and find a makeup artist (who by the way was just standing there not doing anything while customers needed help…)


So after that, I still decided to get the few items from FAFI that could be good to try! I got:

  • Not so innocent lipstick
  • Sugar Trance lipglass
  • Fafi eyes 2
  • Verve-Acious iridescent powder
  • Fafi doll Monoka

I did not get any of the paint pots as I am not a big fan of them. The only thing that I like out of the stuffs I bought is the sugar-trance lipglass. The eye colors do not have anything special…I ended up mixing them with some of the old colors I had to have them look good…The dolls are cute…nice collector items. So except for Monoka and the lipglass, I am returning everything else today!


Fafi??? hummm…

Yes, that was the look on my face when I was in front of the MAC counter looking at the FAFI collection…


Well Divas…I stopped by the mall today after a long day at work and I was so excited to go get my nail polish change (I got Marsmallow from ESSI…it’s a light almost white nail polish that looks very cute and clean) but I was even more excited about discovering the new FAFI collection that everybody including myself have been bragging about…

Well, I have to stay honest with you. Truth is that I am disappointed…from the first look at the colors, I did not really see anything that caught my eyes…really… I am not going to say anything more about it until I actually buy the products (which I could not do since my pro card renewal is still on its way…very mad about that btw )

So I am going to make a quick trip to NY tomorrow and check the new PRO store (will post pics!!!) and will be probably getting the few items from FAFI that I like…I will let you know for sure how they look once they are on the face…


I told u…watch out for these pink lips…

pink-004.jpgThey rocked the pink lips…going from natural pink to flashy pink! Now please let me know who looks better? (btw, these are my pink lips on the left…the gloss name is MAC perfectly pink)

Sanaa Lathan: very soft natural makeup with a barely pink lipstick


Miss Halle: Rocking it as usual! Her makeup on this pic is just P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L. I will have to post this pic again and try to detail all her makeup on it! Loving the lips…


Gabrielle Union: I love all her makeup on this pic! The smokey eyes look fabulous!


Last but definately not least: My girl Rih Rih!!! The lips look amazing in this bright fuschia…


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