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Less is always better…

Hello Divas,

eVaDiVa is back in the beautiful city of blogville after a very long trip in busyville…I wanted to share with you tips for every day work makeup…

If you are a busy bee like me and have to wake up early every morning to go to work in some pencil skirt and high heels, you probably do not have time to pull out a glamorous makeup look (and should not…you are going to work, not to the new nightclub downtown)!

I have been wearing almost no makeup at all for the last few months and people have been looking at me like I am lying when I tell them I am a makeup artist…

Another thing that triggered me to share these tips with you is that I was happy to have somebody very dear to me tell me last night that less is always better when it comes to my face (see me blushing? lol)

So here is how to keep it simple and still fresh in less than 5 mn…

Here are pics of Gabrielle Union in Miss Independent  video that came out last year looking all professional with a very cute makeup look (with lashes and some eyeshadows though…) Check out the shoes!!!




  • Use a light powder (MAC pressed powder or mineralized lose powder) and apply it with a big brush.
  • Add a lil bit of blot powder on top if you have oily skin or if you live in a hot climate
  • Use a warm tone blush or bronzer (Bobbi Brown in DEEP 4)


  • Make sure your eyebrows are waxed and use your eyebrow pencil if necessary (MAC STUD or SPIKED; BOURJOIS in BROWN)
  • Instead of using eye shadows and getting into the whole shading process, just use eyeliners! If you are wearing a blue shirt, try a blue eyeliner pencil around your eye and smudged it lightly!
  • Use as much mascara as you want since you are not wearing any shadows, you want to emphasize your look as much as you can (without it looking clumpy of course) LANCOME mascaras are still my favourite of all times! Try FLEXTENCILS or the classic DEFINICILS


  • Use your favourite lipliner (nightmoth in my case) along with any lipstick that you want. Avoid bright lips at work as it may look too provocative. I recently tried Nightmoth with Spirit lipstick and I am loving it!!!
  • Go easy on the lipgloss…you do not wanna see the reflection of ur lips on your desktop all day…plus wearing too much lipgloss is not classy…

Now you can go to work with a decent face in less than 5 mn…




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