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Heatherette…finally bought it…

I went to Tysons Galleria and I had to of course “window shop” at Chanel, BCBG, Versace etc…before realizing that I was really going to go crazy staring at $2,000 purses…So I just decided to go inside the only store my credit card could really handle and that was of course MAC…(ask for Lauren if you go there, she is the best MUA!!!). 


I had been thinking all week about getting the lipglasses from heatherette but just did not have time. So I finally bought all four of them and I cannot wait to show you what they look like on me! My two favorites are Sock Hop and Bonus Beat. I also got the pencils and I am loving them!!! The Black Funk/Pop Blue pencil will look fabulous with my electric eel eyeshadow. I didn’t get any of the palettes because I have sooo many eyeshadows that I knew I could match these with what I already had. (you should do the same as you buy more make-up…try to complement what you already have and take inventory of your stock before heading to the make-up counter) The Heatherette Trio 2 is a perfect combination if you are looking for purples.

I will have to go back to my brushes and create a spring look for you Divas…I have been very lazy and busy lately…

I googled Heatherette and came accross the Spring 08 NY fashion Show…check out the video, that’s pretty hot!




stinky armpits anyone??? hummm…

Divas, are you as obsessed as I am with your underarms? Well I am one of these people who will have VERY stinky underarms if I go one day without wearing deodorant! I am not ashamed of it! (smile) It is what it is. ..No disrespect to my girl Tyra on this picture…I love her but she should know better…


I found out that using the best deodorant does not guarantee you will not spread the funk by the end of the day or while sweating at the club on a saturday night…

My mom actually gave me my first remedy: rub a fresh lemon under your underarms at least twice a week in the shower and dab some baking soda on top of it. The lemon will considerably reduce the sweat and the darkness of your underarms.


My second tip is to use PHILOSOPHY sweet coconut milk scrub on your armpits. I have been crazy about scrubs lately…I discovered this product 3 weeks ago and I am already in love with it!!! The gentle glycerin base of this tropical scrub will leave your underarm skin feeling soft…I still prefer my Bath and Body works Tranquil Mint scrub for the rest of my body though…


My third tip: make sure that you use a good deodorant or antiperspirant.  The two are very different, the first one neutralizes the smell of the sweat as the antiseptic fights bacteria and the latter blocks pores with powerful astringents (aluminum salts mostly) to prevent sweat production. I usually use deodorant as I have read that aluminium can be bad in the long run…My favorites are DEGREE deodorants but nothing can beat my USHUAIA deodorant in “pulpe de Coco des iles sous le vent” …too bad you can only get this brand in Europe or Africa…


And last but definately not least, it’s common sense that you need to get rid of your underarm hair…I found that the quickest way (which also prevents next day black stubly hair return) is to useVEET depilatory cream. Anyone who knows me or my sisters knows we have to have our VEET! I’ve been using it for yeeears and have nay a complaint. At the moment, I really like VEET in shower Hair removal Cream. If you are like me, often pressed for time, being able to use VEET in the shower is brilliant! As opposed to sitting on the side of the tub…waiting…rinsing…and then getting in the shower…This depilatory cream is gentle enough for my underams and strong enough for my thicker leg hair…(I will have to show you my before and after legs using it in my next post…lol!!!)

So divas, next time you go clubbing, make sure your underarms are smooth, well-scrubed and pleasatn smelling!! A diva has got to stay fresh…



Whiter teeth for a brighter smile???


I was having dinner today with my sister and some friends and was complaining about how I have been hating my teeth lately… I have this small gap “a la Vanessa Paradis” (Famous french singer/model for CHANEL and Johny Depp’wife) between my teeth that has been bothering me lately. I also feel like my teeth are not white enough and have been trying to get them whiter by trying all types of products…



So I first tried GO SMILE ampoules for couple of days and eventhough I could see a slight improvement after a week, it didn’t really work for me because I was scratching too hard and my gums started bleeding…I then decided to try CREST White Strips and it did wonders!!! I was not really expecting my teeth to turn that white but guess what? I could not drink my morning cappuccino or bite on my Dulce di Leche ice cream anymore because my teeth were too sensitive…I then went to see my dentist and he basically told me that I was lacking calcium (wasn’t really surprised since I don’t eat fruits, don’t drink milk and hate veggies…) and I should not even consider getting my teeth whitened…sad right? But hey, I have decided to get a second opinion and to go see another dentist…I will try to get that gap between my teeth closed at the same time…I think it can be cute on some people but not on me…

If any of you divas have another solution for me, please let me know!!!




Beauty of the Week: ***Meagan Good***

Sorry divas I have been out for a week…thank you all for your warm wishes I am feeling much better! I am happy to be back on my feet because I really missed writing…I could not even go to the Heatherette event at MAC Georgetown :o( but hey, that’s ok, I sure have a lot to say about Heatherette…

Meagan Good is the beauty of the week for 2 reasons: 1- her skin is always flawless and 2 she has perfect eyebrows (you know eyebrows are my thing…) and funny enough, she has a lil’ something that reminds me of my baby sis Cynthia (with less cheeks of course)…lol…I would post a pic of her but I’m not sure she would like that…And lastly, we are connected by five degrees of separation, she may have dated a friend of mine but shhhh….don’t tell anyone…(smile)

I particularly like her eye makeup on the second picture (the picture itslef is not great…).



  • New MAC liquid Strobe Cream
  • Select SPF 15 foundation
  • Blush creme in Cheery



  • Lid: Romp
  • Corner of eye lid: Amber lights
  • Crease: Soba
  • Highlighter: a concealer on the brow bone 1 shade lighter
  • Eyebrows: I think these are tatooed but I would still suggest the usual Spiked or Stud pencil add some clear mascara on top or brow gel like Show-off.


Meagan lips are almost always nude pink

  • Lipglass Sock Hop from Heatherette (great color!)
  • Lipliner Beurre

No crease or asian eye makeup???

This tutorial will be very useful if you feel like you do not have an eye crease or have Asian eyes. 


the diva is still here…not feeling quite like a diva though…


To my beloved readers, sorry I have been kinda sick lately, but should be back on track tomorrow…will talk about the new Heatherette collection from MAC, I actually have been invited to their event in Georgetown and will give you all the details…




My new stress reliever…Tranquil Mint Body Scrub

I woke up on this saturday morning feeling not that good…the stress of life is starting to get to me. I decided to finally get out of the bed and jump in the shower and there it was…my Tranquil Mint Body Scrub from Bath and Body Works that I had not opened since I bought it last weekend. I have never been crazy about body scrubs but this one is just INCREDIBLE!!! It’s a sugar scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft like a baby (and believe me mine is far from being soft…I’m one of these women with leg hair that grows so fast that by the time you are done shaving, it is already growing back!). So, I took the time to shave them (with my favorite hair removal cream VEET ) and then used the sugar scrub. The result is just amazing and just like magic, I do not feel that stressed and depressed anymore…but that maybe because I am about to go shopping…lol…so Divas, if you are looking for a good body scrub, this is the one! Make sure you use the mint shower gel after…


PS: I was listening to this joke while writing this post and wanted to share it with you, it’s hilarious!!! 

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