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Beauty of the week ***CHRISTINA MILIAN***

Christina Milian is one of the cutest Afro-Cuban R&B thriple threats. She sings, she writes and she acts! You might remember her from her song “Dip it Low” which was # 1 on the billboard for weeks. She made me consider getting a geisha Kimono…lol. Although her acting career has not been that successful, she is amazingly beautiful on the screen and has this irresistible charm that can make more than one envious…


Special thanks to my big sister “Ebene” for sending me this picture of her at the US young hot hollywood party at Beso.




Christina is wearing a very light smokey eye with a very glossy pink lip…


(All MAC unless specified)




Foundation: Mineralize skin finish Liquid

Powder: NEW Mineralize loose powder (Check my April 23rd Post)

Blush: Beauty Powder EverSun

Bronzer: Golden Bronze loose powder




Eyebrows: Spiked pencil 

Base: Shell Cream Color Base

Lid: Pandamonium

Crease: Scene (blended with Pandamonium)

Highlighter: Vanilla Pigment

Liner: Blacktrack Fluidline and Graphblack in the inner rim

Lashes: MAC # 21



Liner: Whirl or Spice (if you are darker than Crhistina)

Lipgloss: NEW Dazzleglass in Money Honey(my next post will be about these amazing new lipglosses!!!)






Hello Divas,


I can’t believe I have not posted anything the whole weekend…please forgive me…(pretty please…) 🙂

I had a faaabulous weekend where I partied the night away on Saturday with some friends…and had a hard time waking up the next morning to go to my girl’s Amayel Birthday party (She is very old now…”Ste Catherine”)! I would have posted pictures but I think I looked a hot mess…had my eyebrows perfectly shaped of course but did not wear any eye colors. I also kinda over did it on the blush RAIZIN…happens to the best of us…lol…Even make-up junkies and “experts” sometimes feel lazy…


So I wanted to talk about permanent makeup today. This topic is controversial but I wanted to give you my opinion as I’d love to hear yours.





I personally think that getting your eyebrows tattooed is a good thing if:

  1. you know of a very good place to get it done, and
  2. you are sure that you won’t want to change the shape of your brow later


You should throughly research you “tattoo” parlor, I have been looking for places and asked around and so far, the only place in the DC area that I could potentially trust is “The permanent makeup Clinic” in Virginia. I checked their before and after pictures and it seems like they are doing a pretty good job…I am still not 100% sure that I will get them tattooed but I will send Amayel to get hers done first and then we will decide from there… J




I think getting your eyeliner tattooed is not such a great idea.

  1. It will probably hurt as hell
  2. What is the point if you have to put eyeshadow on top? You will end up having to line it again with some real liquid liner…




This can be a good idea if you have very small lips and want to draw a permanent line around to make them look bigger…It is not the best thing for women of color as we usually naturally have beautiful lips J Furthermore, having a dark line around your lips that does not blend with your lipstick is just the worst thing!




Having a beauty mark “ a la Marylin Monroe, Madonna or Cindy Crawford” can be sexy…just remember not to over-do it by making it look like a mold…the smaller, the better…


Now if any of you Divas already had permanent makeup done,, please share with us your take on it…and if you can recommend any good places all around the world, I am all ears open…







M-A-C SPF mineralize foundation loose

Hello cyber-familia! I have not forgotten about you. Life just got in the way of our regularly scheduled meetings…but I missed you all terribly! Let’s talk about beauty shall we?

MAC describes it mineralize SPF  foundation loose as: “A lightweight loose powder foundation that utilizes the power of minerals to provide the skin with a smooth, radiant, natural finish.” Brush it onto your skin for a sophisticated, medium-buildable coverage. “A special mineral complex helps keep skin healthy and nourished while the blend of moisturizers and conditioners in the formula help create a smooth, flawless application. It also provides essential everyday SPF 15 sun protection.”

I tried it 2 weeks ago and absolutely loooooooooooove it!!!!!!! I bought the Dark and the Deep Dark and love the way it feels very light on the skin. You can use it over your regular liquid foundation or just on bare skin (with some moisturizer of course). If you are looking for a light and natural looking foundation for the summer, this is the one AND it protects you from the sun! What more could you ask for, really?!!




Trish McEvoy on Morning Show

Hello Divas,

I was watching the morning show last week on Fox and saw that Trish McEvoy was invited as a guest. She is an amazing makeup artist with a pretty good makeup line. She has a great “MAKEUP PLANNER” set that can be very useful for you frequent-milers and for those who like to have everything you need in one place. Trish also shared her famous eyeliner trick with viewers. For those of you who do not know what it is, it’s a special way of wearing eyeliner right under the inside of the lashline that will make your eye not look that heavy and will give you a natural look…check out the video at the following link:


Beauty of the week: ***BEYONCE***

I can already see some of you hating on her…lol…I wonder how people can not like her! Honestly! You have to give it to her. The girl is hard working, has a beautiful voice and most importantly is BEAUTIFUL! (well in my opinion) I am not B’s (aka Sacha’s) biggest fan but I like to admit when a woman is simply beautiful…

So she is my beauty of the week because I am happy that she has finally walked down the aisle with Jay-z (always #1!!!)…and that she has been very low key for a while…I guess letting my girl Rih-Rih shine as well…I was stunned by this picture of her not only because of the beautiful earrings she is wearing (I wonder how heavy they are…) but also because her makeup looks so fresh and glowing…If I was her MUA for her wedding, I would sure replicate this look using: (All Mac unless specified)


Base: Strobe Cream

Foundation: MAC Hyper real liquid

Powder: Skin finish Warmed

Blush: NARS Orgasm


Eyebrows: Corduroy eyeshadow with brush # 266

 Base: Shell cream color Base

Lid: inner corner: Electra

Lid: Silver Ring

Crease: Vex (blend with silver ring)

Highlighter: Vanilla pigment

Liner: Blacktrack fluild line and Smolder

Lashes: MAC # 2


Liner: Caramellow cremestick liner

Lipstick: Gel

Lustreglass: Instant Gold




I love u Darling…Happy Birthday!!!

I know you will hate me for putting your beautiful face out like this but hey, today is your day CYNTHUS a.k.a Kourouma Fashion Designer!!! Just wanted to have you as my first beauty of the week because you really are truly beautiful on the inside  and outside. I had to make this sound like a public declaration of love as you really and truly are more than a friend to me…you are my 5 th sister…I love u darling and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

To recreate Cynthia’s look on this pic, I will make sure she details her makeup to all of you Divas !

PS: She did her own makeup…no eVaDiVa coaching!!!



6 random things about me…

The Beautiful Amina tagged me so I could share with you 6 random things about me…let’s start:

  1. I cannot spend one day whithout shaping my eyebrows (regardless of whether I’m going out or not…)
  2. I hate being alone
  3. I love traveling…need to visit South America and Australia so I can claim I’ve been all around the world…
  4. I looooooveee chocolates!!! All kinds…I will eat them day and night…no wonder my teeth are not that white anymore…
  5. I have to order shrimp everytime I eat out…I may look like one soon…
  6. I love shoes and bags…cannot count how many pairs of shoes I have…

I am tagging:


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