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I love clothes. I also love the process that prepares me for wearing clothes: bathing. I don’t take as many baths as I used to but the shower is another potential place of indulgence. We live in a fast paced world where the shower may be one of the only places where we can disconnect and recharge. Especially for those of us who know what it’s like not to be able to take a shower (water outages in the summer), taking a shower/ bath is a treat. It should feel as such. I used to be a bar soap and water kinda gal but now I love browsing in stores like Bath & Body Works, the Body Shop and Whole Foods for products that will enhance my bathing experience.


Last year, I unexpectedly discovered Crabtree and Evelyn in a mall oh so far away from my home. It was love at first sight. Amongst the beauty treasures, I found beautiful draw liners! I had not seen any since Dakar! Yes, I am a dork…  Crabtree & Evelyn makes some of my favorite body butters and as a frequent traveler, they touched my repeat-offender-travel-violation heart with their travel size eau de toilette roll on. My skin, not I, is allergic to most perfumes but eau de parfum (eau de toilette for us Francophones) is a great option especially when packaged in a slick, slim roll-on bottle that won’t spill. Genius!


I’d been meaning to find another Crabtree and Evelyn store since there aren’t any within 40 miles of my home but wait….I’d forgotten the airport…ahh yes! My sister and I stepped into the store so I could get a refill of my mango body butter and left with two big bags, not including one bag they would ship (for free!) to her abode in Florida. My sister was a Crabtree virgin and I made sure she was well suited for a trip to Senegal (scented travel towels anyone?) and for her return to a stress-filled life. Now why you ask would I, the notorious bargain hunter (others have less flattering names for me), leave with a bag full of goodies AND a smile (as opposed to a frown). Well, because they were having their annual sale where $17 items were $5 and most of the items I bought were $3. There is an outlet sale on their website but it might be worth calling their store at DCA (those in the DC area) or in other airports. For your pleasure, please find below my review of some of their products:


Mango Butter & Grapefruit Body Butter: Loooove it! Am on my second jar. My significant other loves it. I can’t get enough of its tangy, fruity smell and smooth in application.


Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg & Cardamom Body Butter: Like it. Got it on sale with Mango Butter last December and wish I’d gotten two mango butters instead. It’s nice. Reminds me of Christmas. Not enough fragrance for me but perfect as a hand lotion. Subtle smell but am in the mood for more fruitiness, especially in the summer. Nice if you like understated smells.


Nadira Body Meringue: Loved it in the store. Hesitated before getting it. Loved the way it melted into my skin leaving it smooth but not greasy. Did not like it so much at home. Took a shower and slathered it over moist skin before going to bed and loved it again. It’s perfect for hot summer nights.


Nadira Bath & Shower Gel: You know how some things make you feel luxurious? You feel elevated to a state of pleasure and sophistication all at once? This shower gel does that for me. I inhale deeply when I apply it and don’t want to wash it off immediately so I massage my back (holds most of my tension), scrub my face, push back my cuticles or simply daydream while lingering in its scent. It leaves my skin smoother than most, if not all, of my shower gels. I love it!


Lavender Hand Therapy Cream: My hands are always dry and I am forever hunting for a good hand cream. I’ve tried simple and elaborate ones. Some I’ve loved, others, not so much. I like this one. I use it at night before going to bed so the smell of lavender can soothe me to sleep. It has the consistency of a good hand cream, emollient and not greasy. I need to use for a while longer before giving my honest opinion about its effectiveness.


Last, but not least, Lost Conditioning Body Spray: All right. How can I say this…it’s In.cre.di.ble! It’s a light moisturizing spray that smells amazing. I use it after Nadira Bath & Shower Gel, it allows me to skip perfume or eau de toilette. It lasts all day and is so light that I can comfortably layer it on top of my moisturizer. It is perfect for the summer and for those is warm weather. I got the accompanying shower gel but have yet to try it. I am too much in like with Nadira’s.












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