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When Makeup gets into politics…Hillary vs. Michelle

Aren’t we all so excited to know that we could potentially have a woman as the leader of the “free” world or an African-american as the first lady???

 I was watching the democratic debate late on Tuesday night and realized that Hillary makeup looked so much better than back in the days when she used to be first lady. Despite the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, her makeup artist did a good job brightening what used to be a dull face…I like the peachy and rosy tone blush and lipstick. However, I think that her eyebrows could be a little be more defined as they appear too thin. Another thing I noticed, and didn’t like about her makeup, was the under eye eyeliner. It is not placed in the inner eye rim and this makes her eye look unecessarly bigger…(not always a good thing…). 


Michelle, Michelle, Michelle…I like the fact that this woman personality is as strong as her jaws (I’m not trying to be mean)…I think that she is far from being the prettiest woman but I think she knows how to have a soft, natural and sophisticated look when it comes to makeup. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows give her this “serious” look that could make Hillary refrain from sarcastically imitating Obama or sending him”Shame on you!”attacks! I also like the brown colors she wears on her lips (looks like Fetish or “O” lipstick from MAC with a Chestnut liner).

 I am posting the second picture just so that my girl Amayel can hate…(Obama gently kissing her cheek….Oh Obama reminds me so much of…let me stop here) 

Michelle’s makeup looks also pretty good on this picture (too much blush…but it’s ok…I love blush too)…maybe I need to send my application to be her MUA as I know deep in my heart that she will be First Lady… ;0)




Katoucha…rest in peace

The body of Katoucha Niane, one of the first African women to attain international stardom as a model  and a vocal opponent of female genital mutilation, was found in the Seine River yesterday.

I am sorry this video is in French…


She was not only the former model of Yves Saint Laurent but also, one of the most talented African model and beauty in the world.

We will always remember her and may she rest in peace…

“I embodied the most arrogant and admired kind of femininity, I who was supposed to be diminished” Katoucha


Flawless Dark Skin

I came accross this tutorial and thought I should share it with you. The makeup artist does a very good job explaining how to apply concealer and powder. This will be particularly helpful if you want to achieve flawless skin that does not look shiny. I don’t know anything about the line she is using (MARK) but I can assure you will get the same result with MAC. For concelaers and powders, check my post under the category “answers to your questions”

Keiuana, I will be writing a post to recommend natural eye colors for dark complexion…


Lipgloss time divas!!!

After being almost depressed because of some weight related issues yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good as I realized that having feminine curves can make more than one envious…(you are right Amina!!!)…


So I was sitting at my desk today sipping my morning cappuccino and I looked at the pink lip stain I  left on the cup and thought…humm…maybe I should write about lipglosses today…

So divas, here are my favorite MAC lip colors…I am listing them in no particular order of preference…I love them all…


  • Ample Pink (lipliner: chesnut, plum, vino or current)
  • Fulfilled (this one is almost like a clear lipgloss so you do not really need a liner)
  • Wet, wild, wonderful (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Nice buzz (lipliner: chestnut or cork)


  • Oh Baby (the eternal oh baby!!! with a chetnut liner of course, or if you are lighter Cork liner)
  • Viva glam V (benefits the MAC AIDS fund check —>
  • Viva glam VI
  • C-thru (that’s a very light beige gloss, you can use any liner, depending on what color you want your lips to look)
  • Chai (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Prrr (lipliner: chestnut or cork)
  • Revealing (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Florabundance (lipliner: very soft line with cork or hodpodge)
  • Nico (lipliner: currant, vino, nightmoth)
  • Dreamy (lipliner: vino)
  • Oyster Girl (any lipliner)
  • Desire (this is one of my favorite one…with a nightmoth or currant liner, it will give you a dark red color)


  • Beaux (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Love Nectar (lipliner: cork or chestnut)
  • Wonderstruck (lipliner: plum)
  • Decorative (lipliner: vino)

This list does not include some of the limited collection items…I did not want to list them because they are currently unavailable in stores. 


ooh nooo…can’t zip it up!!!


Ok I know this post has nothing to do with makeup but I need some help…I tried to wear a skirt this morning that I bought last year and…I could not zip it up!!! Could it be that I gained so much weight in one year that I did not even realize it because I was too busy making sure that my face looked good and I inadvertently neglected my body???

I started working out 2 weeks ago and have been pretty good so far…but how did this happen??? Help me!!! I need the best diet recomendation (keep in mind that I cannot eat fruits or veggies)…anything you have…please! I couldn’t even write a post on makeup today as I am traumatized by this…

Disclaimer: I am not an ANOREXIC diva!!! 


Coup de Coeur Blog

Big shout out to my girl Amina who just created her blog. Her blog will talk about everything that makes us look good and sexy…from make-up to hair products, body scrubs, soaps, lotions, massage oils etc.

Check her out at :

Keep up the good work! ;o)


***Oscar Night beauties***

So the 2008 Oscar ceremony was 2 nights ago and I have to admit that I have not been that impressed with the makeup of some of the celebrities. However, the few ones that were really glowing as far as makeup, jewlery and gown were: Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Keisha Whitaker (Forest Whitaker’s wife) and Jennifer Hudson.

I was totally in adoration with Heidi Klum dress, but also her whole face, jewlery etc.


Jennifer Gardner looked also stunning. Her makeup did not have anything special but she was able to pull out her whole look with a beautiful dress and necklace.

Keisha Whitaker is an astonishing beauty! Her makeup was beautiful and whatever bronzer was used on her really looks great! sorry I could not find a head shot of her and I had to crop Forest out of the pic…sorry Forest…
Jennifer Hudson! Goosh she lost some weight!!! She looked very classy and elegant. Her face was very cute as usual not with too much color on. I am feeling the soft silver smokey eye on her. Her makeup looks good most of the time…

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