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MAC and Very dark skin powder/foundation?


Anonymous wrote:

It is obvious that u LOVE MAC and so do I, however I can’t find the right powder.
I like MAC but I think that people with my complexion are always stuck to the NW50 which is not necessarly the right shade. it can turn grey! I think that the darker you are the fiewer are your choices. In my opinion MAc does not have enough color choice for people with very dark skin; not African-Americans with just light skin!!! I might be wrong because when I go on the website, I can see different type of founcations and powders, so which powder and shade would you recommend? I use Black up becoz i get the right coverage, shade and a mat finish; What do you think?
eVaDiVa wrote:
Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your question.
To answer it, MAC does have a lot of shades for darker skin. However, most people, especially African women are just stuck to the studio fix powder where the darkest shade is NW50. This studio fix powder is great for everyday use and its the perfect powder to have a combination of foundation and powder in 1. However, it is not recommended for pictures or as a night makeup especially if you are very dark. The reason is that some of the pigments used in that formula reflects too much the light and that’s why you can see sometimes people that use it and take pictures look like ghosts…lol…
So the solution for you if you really wanna use MAC will be to use their STUDIO TECH foundation or STICK foundation in NW55. The texture of the STICK is creamy so it doesn’t give you the same finish than the studio fix. However, the STUDIO TECH is also creamy but will dry on your face like a powder so it will be about the same than the FIX.
I also LOOOVE  FASHION FAIR foundations for darker skin. You should try them as well. BLACK UP  is indeed a great line and have very good foundations, so if you are happy with them, I would suggest to stick with them and try MAC  or FASHION FAIR just to get something different…
Hope this helped…






Hello Divas,

I am making a survey on favorite makeup brands for women of color and will need your help on that. I would like to know:

1- What is your favorite makeup line (if you have more than one, list them by order of preference)?
2- Why is it your favorite makeup line (good foundation, good price, buying location easily accessible)?
3- Does the price matter for you?
4 – For how much are you willing to purchase a lipstick (price in Dollar)?

Thank you Divas!!! Your help will be greatly appreciated on that…




A very Happy New Year…

Hello Divas,

These past few weeks have been very hectic for me… The last 2 weeks of 2008 had not been the greatest as good and sad events came across my path… The sudden loss of a loved one made me cherish life even more and realize how grateful each and every one of us should be and how love is the most important thing in life after God…

Christmas this year did not feel like it used to…and neither did New Year’s Eve but I am happy and thankful that I was with the people I love, my family and close friends.

On a makeup note, with so many weddings in Dakar this year, I had the opportunity to do makeup for three brides that were as gorgeous as one can think!!! The most amazing and interesting part about these weddings makeup was that each bride had a very different type of beauty and style and mixing the two to come out with the best makeup look for their big day was just an amazing experience! Bridal makeup is at the same time always so challenging and rewarding as you have to deal with the bride’s stress and make sure both of you are happy with the final work.

I would love to show you the pictures but will need to ask permission before posting them so I will let you know as soon as I can…


I also wanted to share with you my favorite makeup product for brides:  GLOBAL GLOW and WARMED mineralized Powder by MAC. It looks AMAAAAAZING on the skin and gives a soft and natural glow on pictures.

Another product that I absolutely felt in love with is FASHION FAIR LIP TEASER in Tickled Pink. It looked amazing on my bride with a MAC PLUM Liner.


I wish you all again a very Happy New Year!!!




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