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Hello Divas,

I woke up this morning realizing that today is my blog’s 6 month anniversary!!! I am sooo happy to know that eVaDiVa’s Makeup bag has been a part of my life and yours for the last 6 months and already hit over 73,000 views!!! Thank you to all of you who are reading from all over the world and keeping me busy and happy answering all your beauty questions! The blog is a success because of you. I could not have done it without you!!!





2008 BET Awards ***Beauties***

So I missed the show last night because I was enjoying some lamb chops at a brazilian restaurant for my sister birthday. We had such a delightful evening that I would not trade it for the world… 

I was looking at the red carpet pictures this morning and realized that black beauty is really unique as I was able to see beauty in each and every celebrity…yes…even Lil Kim 🙂

I am posting the pics starting with the most beautiful faces…

My girl Rihanna had to be first of course!!! She is just a natural beauty and her makeup looked flawless as usual! I am loving the purple/plum lipstick on her…will let you know the closest macth to this color. I am not sure I’m feeling her dress though…


Nia Long: I actually wanted to put her up as my beauty of the week! I just find her so cute and love the almond shapes of her eyes and her flawless black skin. I also think she was one of the best dressed on the red carpet…

Cassie (aka. PDiddy’s rumored boo): She is a very pretty girl that does not need a lot of makeup to enhance her beauty…Her lil pink dress did not make it for me…way too simple for the occasion…

Alicia Keys: Always looks pretty to me! But something was a li ttle off about her make-up this time…something about the glitter eyeliner that I just don’t like on this pic…maybe the way it was applied?!? Her lil pink dress looked cute…loving the pumps!

Gabrielle Union: I just loooove Gaby! I think she is one of the cutest, not to say most beautiful, black actresses today. I just love her little smile …I have been told a few times that we look alike (yes I was!) and it did wonders for my self-esteem… 🙂 although I outweigh her in the cheek and pound department. 🙂


Jennifer Hudson: I like her hair cut and the makeup looks fresh and simple. However, does she always have push/pull up her boobs in every outfit she wears…still love her though…

Lil Kim: I had to put her up on my list of beauties just for MIMI!!! 🙂 She does not look that bad here…actually I think she even looks pretty scary classy…


So who was your favorite?


My Tattooed eyebrows!!!

Divas. Divas.Divas!!!

Here are my 2 weeks old newly tattooed eyebrows!!! I am sooooo proud and happy that I did it. I do not regret it at all! I have to be honest with you and tell you that it hurt just a tinsy winsy bit but hey, beauty is priceless and painless!!! Note: I do.NOT.have any eyebrow pencil on! I only applied concealer under the line of the eyebrow. I went to PERMANENT MAKEUP CLINIC in Virginia (click on the name). Ask for Shirley, she is great!!! She used the hair stroke on me and that’s why they look so natural…

So, if you ask me again if you should get yours done, my answer is YEEEESSSS!!!!




Tamara Mowry sun-kissed Look

From Koshonna:

Hey Eva,

I’ve been looking all day and I can’t seem to find any celebrity pictures large enough with the green/brown look I wanted to create online. I’m really sorry. I did find a picture of Tamara Mowry and I wanted to know how to create her sun-kissed summer look. I have a MAC bronzer in Golden. At times I feel that it might be either too light or there is not enough sparkle because I don’t see much difference. I’ve thought about getting a melon blush and thought this might give me the look I was going for but I don’t know. I’m around the same color as Tamara and I wear NC45.




Many of you have asked me how they could get that sun-kissed look on their face for the summer. The first thing about having a glowy skin like this is making sure that your skin is very healthy and does not have any pimples as shimmer will only accentuate them. Once you have your summer skincare regiment (which I will detail for you in another post), here is how you can achieve Tamara’s look:



Foundation: Mix MAC Strobe Cream with MAC liquid mineralized satin finish in a small container and apply the mix as your foundation (be careful if you have oily skin as you may be shiny, this is best used at night)

Blush: Gingerly (on the apple of the cheeks)

Bronzer: If you have Tamara’s complexion, MAC Refined Deeper Bronze (under the apple of your cheeks as a countour). You can add a lil bit on your T-zone as well if you really want that bronzy look. Remember that your foundation is already shimmery…


Eyebrows: Fill them in very softly with Espresso eyeshadow or if you want a more precise line, use Spiked pencil

Eye base: Cream color base in Bronze

Eyelid: Patina

Eyecrease: Neo Sci-fi Bronzescape ***NEW***

Eyeliner: Fluidline in Black and blactrack pencil

Lashes: Mascara LANCOME Definicils

Highlighter: Shroom


Liner: Plum

Lipgloss: Neo Sci-Fi Pink Grapefruit ***NEW***



My girl messed up…

My girl Meagan Good always looks so on point from head to toe, especially when it comes to makeup but she messed up this time… MTO got this pic of her on their website wearing a foundation 3 shades lighter…

This is just to warn you once again Divas, MAKE SURE YOUR FOUNDATION IS THE RIGHT COLOR!!!

She is still cute and we still love her!!!




The YSL Leopard pumps are BANGIIIIIING though!!!


Beauty of the week: ***JENNIFER HUDSON***

Sorry Divas…I haven’t put a beauty of the week for weeks but we are baaaack!

 I was sure that I was going to have Jennifer Hudson as my beauty of the week for 2 reasons: she has an exceptional voice  but she is also a natural black beauty. I went to see Sex and the City two weeks ago with my girls and I just found her makeup flawless in the movie. It was not too much…not too natural…just on point.

Before detailing Jennifer’s makeup, I need to tell you how I was sooo happy about seeing Carrie and Big on the big screen! The movie itself was PHENOMENAL I should say! I didn’t expect it to be that good but I was amazingly surprised on how they were able to turn out the show in such a good movie. All hail SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) and amazing shoes (Manolo Bs! Nothing but the best!!!)! Still love Christian Louboutin of course. Samantha’s dresses were just to die for! Make sure you rush to the movies if you have not seen it yet!

 Jennifer look: (all MAC unless specified)


Moisturizer: Strobe Cream

Foundation: Studio Tech Foundation

Concealer: Studio Finish Concealer

Blush: NEW***NEO-SCI FI in X-rocks


Eyebrows: Eyeshadow in Espresso

Highlighter: Concealer select moisture cover (one shade lighter than your complexion)

Base: Paint in Stilife

Eyelid: Vex and eyeshadow pigment in Copperized

Crease: Femme Noir (very lightly)

Eyeliner: Blacktrack on top and Smolder smudged around the eye

Lashes: MAC lash #2


Liner: Jennifer does not seem to be wearing any liner with that very nude lip



 My favorite pics from SEX & THE CITY…

 Loooove Carrie’s shoes and “Eiffel Tour” purse… (Fafa&Linda we need to find these asap!!!)








Samantha was the best dress out of all of them…want that lil puppy sooo bad!!! And her shoes!!!

Now please check the trunk of her new Mercesdes GLK (not on the market yet…)…that’s what I’m talking’ bout!!! Rodeo Drive baby!!!

 Don’t they all look so fashionable!!??!!



Tag Love…

Thanks Nikkia for the Tag!

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
1998: Was in High school in Senegal getting ready for the summer time…tank tops, sunglasses, shorts and gossip with my girls on Senegal’s most beautiful beaches…Oh I miss the  good old days…

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?

Get rid of uneccessary people in my life…(yes they are still a few of them…)

Finish a project for my boss and send it before tomorrow morning (won’t happen I am sure…lol)

Have a good dinner…

Do my weekly clay Mask (Lancome Pure Empreinte) to get that skin looking flawless

Open my mail (I hate doing that)!!!

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Twix bar, Pistachios…”gerte thiaf” (peanuts)

4. Places I’ve lived:

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:
Be my own boss and open my own spa!!! Then hit Sacks 5th Ave Gucci Store, Chanel, Dior! Then, invest my money, buy a mansion in the Hamptons or in Bora-Bora…and create or help out those that have not been as blessed in Senegal…

6. People I want to know more about: my readers, my friends…you never know them enough…(in a good kind of way…) 🙂



I’m tagging the following: Indian Makeup Diva, Amina, Fafa&Linda; Amayel, Seymone, Cynthus and all of you readers!!!


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