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M.A.C Fashion sets: North America


M.A.C FASHION SETS!!!! I have been impatiently waiting for this collection to come out and here it is finally! MAC came out with this great idea of making a set of the best selling lip colors in each region of the world (nailpolish, lipstick and lipgloss). In north America, the colors are Russian Red, Girl About town, Snob, Myth, Chestnut (yes like your chestnut lipliner) and Spice. I wish I was in Paris right now to see the MORANGE set as I loooove orange, especially for summer!

RUSSIAN RED: It’s not my favorite Red…(Rubby woo is) but it still looks very good with a natural eye makeup…

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Great pink lipstick for any skin complexion; for WOC use it with a Vino lipliner and make sure you add the gloss on top!

SNOB: Light pink … not really crazy about it but it looks good on fair skin

REBEL: GREAT color!!! works with nightmoth or Currant lipliner. 

MYTH: Very light beige. Looks nude on white and very light complexion. If you have darker skin, you can use it with a brown lipliner like CORK, it will still give you that nude look.

SPICE: This is a nude lip color for WOC. It looks great with or without the lipgloss on top. However, my favorite nude lip color for darker skin is TAUPE (matte lipstick) and REVEALING (lipgloss) with a chestnut or bittersweet lipliner.

CHESTNUT: I love the lipliner but when it comes to the lipstick, I found out that it does not really look good on my complexion…an Asian girl at MAC wore it and it looked so good on her…just to say that it may come out better on lighter skin…but again that’s a matter of preference…

As far as the nail polishes, I will be honest with you and tell you that I did not buy any just because I know I can find the same @ OPI …and you know OPI won’t chip…

I am posting the swatches below…




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