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M.A.C Fashion sets: North America


M.A.C FASHION SETS!!!! I have been impatiently waiting for this collection to come out and here it is finally! MAC came out with this great idea of making a set of the best selling lip colors in each region of the world (nailpolish, lipstick and lipgloss). In north America, the colors are Russian Red, Girl About town, Snob, Myth, Chestnut (yes like your chestnut lipliner) and Spice. I wish I was in Paris right now to see the MORANGE set as I loooove orange, especially for summer!

RUSSIAN RED: It’s not my favorite Red…(Rubby woo is) but it still looks very good with a natural eye makeup…

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Great pink lipstick for any skin complexion; for WOC use it with a Vino lipliner and make sure you add the gloss on top!

SNOB: Light pink … not really crazy about it but it looks good on fair skin

REBEL: GREAT color!!! works with nightmoth or Currant lipliner. 

MYTH: Very light beige. Looks nude on white and very light complexion. If you have darker skin, you can use it with a brown lipliner like CORK, it will still give you that nude look.

SPICE: This is a nude lip color for WOC. It looks great with or without the lipgloss on top. However, my favorite nude lip color for darker skin is TAUPE (matte lipstick) and REVEALING (lipgloss) with a chestnut or bittersweet lipliner.

CHESTNUT: I love the lipliner but when it comes to the lipstick, I found out that it does not really look good on my complexion…an Asian girl at MAC wore it and it looked so good on her…just to say that it may come out better on lighter skin…but again that’s a matter of preference…

As far as the nail polishes, I will be honest with you and tell you that I did not buy any just because I know I can find the same @ OPI …and you know OPI won’t chip…

I am posting the swatches below…




Brandy’s Natural Makeup—Full moon Video—

A while ago, I received a request from one of my favorite Divas Amina to describe Brandy’s look in the “full Moon” video. I totally forgot to do it and only remembered today as I heard the song on the radio.

Indeed, her makeup looks flawless! Brandy is not the cutest girl but she always looks on point (makeup wise at least). I also love this song in particular…

So here is how I will replicate her beautiful natural look:


Il y’a quelque  temps,  j’ai reçu une demande d’une de mes divas préférées Amina pour décrire le maquillage de Brandy dans la vidéo  « Full Moon ». J’ai complètement oublié de le faire et je me suis rappelée qu’aujourd’hui comme j’ai entendu  la chanson à la radio.


Effectivement, le maquillage est impeccable !  Brandy n’est pas la plus jolie mais elle est toujours présentable(en tout cas pour le maquillage). J’adore aussi cette chanson en particulier..



Donc voilà comment je vais recréer son beau maquillage naturel :


Donc voilà comment je vais recréer son beau maquillage naturel :






Foundation: Studio fix liquid NW 45 (or whatever shade you wear)

Powder: I would use very lightly BOBBI BROWN face shimmer brick in Bronze with a buffer brush (MAC# 182)

Blush: Blunt


Base: Bronze color creme

Eyelid: NEO-SCI FI Time &space (all the way up to the crease)

Eyecrease: Brandy eyes are asian shaped, so she is not wearingany color in her crease

Highlighter: Unecessary for this look. You can always use a concealer a shade lighter than your complexion

Eyeliner: Boot black liquid liner on top and Feline or Blacktrack bottom

Lashes: LANCOME definicils mascara in black


Liner: Costa Riche and mahagony inside the lips

Gloss: Revealing




Beauty of the week ***CHRISTINA MILIAN***

Christina Milian is one of the cutest Afro-Cuban R&B thriple threats. She sings, she writes and she acts! You might remember her from her song “Dip it Low” which was # 1 on the billboard for weeks. She made me consider getting a geisha Kimono…lol. Although her acting career has not been that successful, she is amazingly beautiful on the screen and has this irresistible charm that can make more than one envious…


Special thanks to my big sister “Ebene” for sending me this picture of her at the US young hot hollywood party at Beso.




Christina is wearing a very light smokey eye with a very glossy pink lip…


(All MAC unless specified)




Foundation: Mineralize skin finish Liquid

Powder: NEW Mineralize loose powder (Check my April 23rd Post)

Blush: Beauty Powder EverSun

Bronzer: Golden Bronze loose powder




Eyebrows: Spiked pencil 

Base: Shell Cream Color Base

Lid: Pandamonium

Crease: Scene (blended with Pandamonium)

Highlighter: Vanilla Pigment

Liner: Blacktrack Fluidline and Graphblack in the inner rim

Lashes: MAC # 21



Liner: Whirl or Spice (if you are darker than Crhistina)

Lipgloss: NEW Dazzleglass in Money Honey(my next post will be about these amazing new lipglosses!!!)





Spring is almost here!!!

Spring time Divas!!!…at least almost…



Foundation: Select SPF 15 NW45

Powder: Mineralize Skin finish Dark

Concealer: Select Cover up NW 45

Blush: Format & Raizin


Eyebrows: Spiked and Show off brow set

Eyebase: Cream color base Improper Copper

Eyelid: Chrome Yellow and Electric Coral (pigment)

Crease: Orange and Bronze

Outer Corner: Embark

Highlighter: Arena

Eyeliner: Blacktrack and graphblack

Lashes: MAC #33


Liner: Mahagony

Lipglass: Sock Hope (Heatherette)





Heatherette…finally bought it…

I went to Tysons Galleria and I had to of course “window shop” at Chanel, BCBG, Versace etc…before realizing that I was really going to go crazy staring at $2,000 purses…So I just decided to go inside the only store my credit card could really handle and that was of course MAC…(ask for Lauren if you go there, she is the best MUA!!!). 


I had been thinking all week about getting the lipglasses from heatherette but just did not have time. So I finally bought all four of them and I cannot wait to show you what they look like on me! My two favorites are Sock Hop and Bonus Beat. I also got the pencils and I am loving them!!! The Black Funk/Pop Blue pencil will look fabulous with my electric eel eyeshadow. I didn’t get any of the palettes because I have sooo many eyeshadows that I knew I could match these with what I already had. (you should do the same as you buy more make-up…try to complement what you already have and take inventory of your stock before heading to the make-up counter) The Heatherette Trio 2 is a perfect combination if you are looking for purples.

I will have to go back to my brushes and create a spring look for you Divas…I have been very lazy and busy lately…

I googled Heatherette and came accross the Spring 08 NY fashion Show…check out the video, that’s pretty hot!




Silver smokey eyes

At the request of one of my beloved readers, I am detailing the eye makeup I was wearing at the “Makeup, stilletos, Martinis & Chocolates” party.


Eyebrows: Spiked pencil and show-off brow gel

Eye base: Shell cream color base

Eyelid lower part: electra

Crease: Knight Divine

Crease outer corner: Carbon

Highlighter: Concealer select moisture cover NW 35

Eyeliner: Blacktrack and smolder

Eyelashes: MAC #33



Flawless Dark Skin

I came accross this tutorial and thought I should share it with you. The makeup artist does a very good job explaining how to apply concealer and powder. This will be particularly helpful if you want to achieve flawless skin that does not look shiny. I don’t know anything about the line she is using (MARK) but I can assure you will get the same result with MAC. For concelaers and powders, check my post under the category “answers to your questions”

Keiuana, I will be writing a post to recommend natural eye colors for dark complexion…


Lipgloss time divas!!!

After being almost depressed because of some weight related issues yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good as I realized that having feminine curves can make more than one envious…(you are right Amina!!!)…


So I was sitting at my desk today sipping my morning cappuccino and I looked at the pink lip stain I  left on the cup and thought…humm…maybe I should write about lipglosses today…

So divas, here are my favorite MAC lip colors…I am listing them in no particular order of preference…I love them all…


  • Ample Pink (lipliner: chesnut, plum, vino or current)
  • Fulfilled (this one is almost like a clear lipgloss so you do not really need a liner)
  • Wet, wild, wonderful (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Nice buzz (lipliner: chestnut or cork)


  • Oh Baby (the eternal oh baby!!! with a chetnut liner of course, or if you are lighter Cork liner)
  • Viva glam V (benefits the MAC AIDS fund check —>
  • Viva glam VI
  • C-thru (that’s a very light beige gloss, you can use any liner, depending on what color you want your lips to look)
  • Chai (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Prrr (lipliner: chestnut or cork)
  • Revealing (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Florabundance (lipliner: very soft line with cork or hodpodge)
  • Nico (lipliner: currant, vino, nightmoth)
  • Dreamy (lipliner: vino)
  • Oyster Girl (any lipliner)
  • Desire (this is one of my favorite one…with a nightmoth or currant liner, it will give you a dark red color)


  • Beaux (lipliner: chestnut)
  • Love Nectar (lipliner: cork or chestnut)
  • Wonderstruck (lipliner: plum)
  • Decorative (lipliner: vino)

This list does not include some of the limited collection items…I did not want to list them because they are currently unavailable in stores. 


Using eyeshadow as a blush…


I made an experiment this morning as I was rushing out the house to go to work…I realized that my makeup case was still in my trunk and did not have some of the products I needed for may daily makeup. I usually don’t use that much makeup to go to work but I need my 7 basics (is that a lot?!?) :

  • Studio fix powder
  • Spiked eyebrows pencil
  • Select cover up concealer
  • Fatal Mascara (Lancome)
  • Black eyeliner
  • any lipgloss that I can find…
  • BLUSH!!!!

So I had everything but the blush…I found an old eyeshadow around from MAC called Cranberry that I mixed with passionate (it’s a dark bright pink almost like sushi flower) and used a little bit on the apple of my cheeks and guess what??? I am loving it more than my Raizin blush!!! Well I still need to see if it does not look to light on pictures…but so far I think it works pretty well…

So if you ever lose your blush or just don’t have one, try one of the bright red-pink eyeshadow you have…




Makeup, stilettos, martinis and chocolates…

This was the theme to one of the best birthday parties I have ever been to. I had the chance to be a part of this amazing night Saturday, celebrating Miss Sabria birthday at Cafe Asia (best place to dance the night away in DC…check out their parties at It was a special night for girls where we were able to enjoy makeup presentations by the talented Miss Kia ( and I. We were also able to learn a lot about how to make sure you have the right bra size thanks to Melissa Tappin, Victoria’s Secret Consultant. 

My presentation was focused on eyebrows and lashes. I explained step by step how you can get a perfectly arched eyebrow and the “does and don’t” of wearing fake eye lashes. I am posting a few pictures from the event…will post more pics once they come out.

Special thanks to my girl Vanessa for helping. You are the best MUA!!!

On this pic, the birthday girl and I with smokey eyes…


My model for the presentation was Jonelle (I have to admit that doing makeup on her was not that big of a challenge because she already had perfect eyebrows and her skin was amazingly flawless!!!)



Jonelle is wearing (all MAC):


NW45 Studio Tech foundation

Concealer: Select cover-up NW 45

Blush: Format

Mineralize skin finish powder Deep Dark


Base: Architecture paint

Lid: Bitter

Crease: Mulch, outer crease: Femme Noir

Highlighter: Concealer NW 40

Eyeliner: blacktrack fluidline and smolder

Lashes: Sossi (will check the #)


Liner: Chestnut

Lipglass: Sugar-trance (FAFI)  

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NARS TAJ MAHAL BLUSH Great color and a beautiful glow!

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