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White teeth for cheap & Clinique flawless skin product

Hello Divas,

My post today is about how to have these white teeths without spending a fortune @ the dentist! I have been trying something that has been working so far…I use a toothpaste called ELGYDIUM blancheur along with the mouth wash from Listerine whitening. I have been using both for over 3 months now and I can tell you that the difference is striking…(You may be able to find elgydium only online in the US as it is a french brand…) 

One thing worth saying is that I do not drink coffee nor smoke…so get rid of these bad habits before trying that.


On another note, I wanted to give you a product review on CLINIQUE 

Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum:


If you tend to have normal to oily skin or just oily skin with pores that are visible, this is the product you have been waiting for. It helps skin creates a smoother, younger look. Pores seem smaller, as if they had snapped back into shape. Having smooth skin is the best way to have a flawless makeup…so make sure you treat your skin with only the best!

Now today is election day in Senegal…I am going to vote now for our next president at the embassy in DC…This is history in the making for my country…so let’s all cross fingers that everything will go as smoothly as possible…




Whiter teeth for a brighter smile???


I was having dinner today with my sister and some friends and was complaining about how I have been hating my teeth lately… I have this small gap “a la Vanessa Paradis” (Famous french singer/model for CHANEL and Johny Depp’wife) between my teeth that has been bothering me lately. I also feel like my teeth are not white enough and have been trying to get them whiter by trying all types of products…



So I first tried GO SMILE ampoules for couple of days and eventhough I could see a slight improvement after a week, it didn’t really work for me because I was scratching too hard and my gums started bleeding…I then decided to try CREST White Strips and it did wonders!!! I was not really expecting my teeth to turn that white but guess what? I could not drink my morning cappuccino or bite on my Dulce di Leche ice cream anymore because my teeth were too sensitive…I then went to see my dentist and he basically told me that I was lacking calcium (wasn’t really surprised since I don’t eat fruits, don’t drink milk and hate veggies…) and I should not even consider getting my teeth whitened…sad right? But hey, I have decided to get a second opinion and to go see another dentist…I will try to get that gap between my teeth closed at the same time…I think it can be cute on some people but not on me…

If any of you divas have another solution for me, please let me know!!!



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