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White teeth for cheap & Clinique flawless skin product

Hello Divas,

My post today is about how to have these white teeths without spending a fortune @ the dentist! I have been trying something that has been working so far…I use a toothpaste called ELGYDIUM blancheur along with the mouth wash from Listerine whitening. I have been using both for over 3 months now and I can tell you that the difference is striking…(You may be able to find elgydium only online in the US as it is a french brand…) 

One thing worth saying is that I do not drink coffee nor smoke…so get rid of these bad habits before trying that.


On another note, I wanted to give you a product review on CLINIQUE 

Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum:


If you tend to have normal to oily skin or just oily skin with pores that are visible, this is the product you have been waiting for. It helps skin creates a smoother, younger look. Pores seem smaller, as if they had snapped back into shape. Having smooth skin is the best way to have a flawless makeup…so make sure you treat your skin with only the best!

Now today is election day in Senegal…I am going to vote now for our next president at the embassy in DC…This is history in the making for my country…so let’s all cross fingers that everything will go as smoothly as possible…




Back online…!?!

Happy New Year to all of you, fabulous Divas !!!

I decided to write a post today after being silent for such a long time …  I have been asked by many people why have I stopped blogging and yesterday, while shopping with my sister, I run into a girl that I had never seen in my life who told me « are you evadiva the blogger ? » …I could not even think that people could recognize me so randomly and it made me feel like I was Halle Berry…lol :o) so when she asked me why I wasn’t blogging anymore, I felt ashamed to tell her that my job is keeping me too busy… !  So I woke up this morning thinking that no job should keep me so busy that I can forget about or not live my true passion… So I hope that 2012 will be a year that will make me stay in touch with my true passion !

I have spent most of my time between Paris and my beautiful country Senegal, and although I have been doing makeup only for special occasions (family and friends) I have been exploring so many new products…

For my first post of the year, I wanted to talk about my new favorite products…the one that I cannot live without (yes the list may have changed :o) )

MASCARA : Shocking by YSL


If I ever recommended mascaras like Lancome that are great, please forget about all of them ! YSL Shocking is by far the best mascara I have ever used ! It will give you instant volume and définition and will not clump. However, make sure you tightly close it when u use it as it can become dry very quickly if not properly closed. It’s a little bit pricey for a mascara ($30) but it is well worth the price !



This is by far my favorite foundation for black skin. Everybody knows that I am a MAC addict but on this one, it does give a better complexion than MAC ! This foundation is also great for pictures and bridal makeup. I use MAC blot powder on top of it just to make sure I don’t end up with a dewy face in the middle of the day. The only problem with it is that it can feel too heavy for hot climates.  You can find it anywhere in France but in the US, I am not sure… you can always try online as well. Price : 36.5 Euros



This one is still on my list ! I use it everyday as a blush and it gives a very soft and natural look. It can be too light for very dark skin but Works perfectly for light, medium and dark skin. If you have very dark skin, I recommened RAISIN blush from MAC.

Price : $35

EYELINER : MAC Rapidblack


I have been looking for an eyeliner that is easy to use and very dark. MAC Rapidblack is the best as it gives you a precise line and it doesn’t run. You cannot use it in the inner rim of the eyelid, use the graphblack pencil for that.

Price : $18

PS : I did miss blogging !



To the beach with M.A.C

Go check out M.A.C new summer collection!!! Looks like thay have lots of amazing colors!!!

Will make a review as soon as I get my hands on them…



Sephora Love… in Paris…XoXo

Hello Divas,

eVaDiVa is back and has fabulous new products to share with you !

I went to my favourite SEPHORA store in the whole world, the one on Champs Elysées in Paris last week and I have to tell you that I feel like Alice in wonderland every time I step my foot there…

The store was amazingly beautiful, full of life and the beauty advisors looked all so professional and happy…well…this is The place to be if you ever go to Paris!!!

So I got a few goodies and I just love them all…


I don’t know what is the matter with me but I have been changing nail polishes on average 3 to 4 times a week…not that I don’t have anything to do of my life but I just love trying new colors and I hate it when my nail polish chips…

  1. O.P.I: Susi skies in the Pyrenées

It’s a dark gray color that is almost black if you put 3 coats. It looks dark gray with two coats. O.P.I is by far my favourite nail polish brand as the tip of the brush is wide and the nail polish does not chip easily (even without a base coat). I would suggest you get O.P.I’s in the US as it is half the price than in France (13 euros in Paris and 8 $ in the US)


The color is just great!!! My sis Vanessa told me about it and I have to admit that I was so excited when I got it! I love the color but I was disappointed as far as the quality…it is CHANEL…it costs 20 euros (about 25 USD) and it should not chip after just one day… did…It is true that I did not use any base coat but still (OPI does not chip without a base coat!!) But I still recommend you get it!!! Great color you will not find anywhere!!! I still have to try the satin blue which I heard is as beautiful…

BLACK UP Embelisseur De Teint

This product is just AWASOME! It is a liquid base foundation that gives your skin a natural glow under any foundation/powder! Get it in N°4 if you have darker skin and in N°2 if you have fair or light skin. This product is not sold yet in the US I believe but you can try SEPHORA in NY.

CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm

Do you wake up every morning with sleeping marks on the face like you did not shower and did not want to get out of bed? Well this happens to me every morning and I am happy that this balm actually softens and brightens your face in the snap of the fingers!!! When you apply your powder or foundation right after, your skin looks just flawless!

CHRISTIAN DIOR Capture R60/80 (check post entry below of Feb 13)

BLACK UP Mascara in N°2 Blue

Great color that looks almost like a deep purple on dark lashes

I have more products that I will need to detail on my next post…

Until then have a wonderful day divas!!!




Stress…moods…and smells…

Hello Divas,

These past few weeks have not been the greatest in my life…feeling moddy, stressed…etc. But what I found amazing and wanted to write about (despite my moodiness) is how smelling certain odors can make you feel better…(or worst). I have been burning a lavender aromatherapy candle oil by TISSERAND that automatically makes me feel more calm and better. I don’t know if it is the aromatherapy thing or the odor but it really leaves a stress relieving smell in a room that is worth a million…Now I have no clue where you can get it in US as it was a gift bought in Dubai but I would suggest you try bath and body works aromatherapy oils. The aromatherapy gels and lotions are also fabulous at bath and body works.

Another thing is perfume. I have at least a dozen of bottles of perfumes but mostly use the same ones…Coco Mademoiselle being my favorite. But lately, with all my mood swings, it takes me a second each morning to think about how I wanna smell…(I don’t know if I you will find me weird…lol). Here are a few good ones that you can try that I like:

  • FLOWER BOMB by Victor Rolf
  • 1881 by CERRUTI

Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL remains my signature scent though…

The lavender oil is burning in my room as I am writingthese last lines and it makes me feel like taking a good bath and goind to bed…



PS: I realize that this post may make u think about reasons of moodiness and smelling odors but it is nothing like that…! lol


New stuff to try…

Hello Divas,

Saturday morning, and I am listening to the new SADE album and I should say it is the best album out there…

I have a few products in my basket that I will suggest you to try…

1. DIOR Capture R60/80 1ères Rides – Crème Lissante Eclat

The wrinkle-fighting powers of this ultra-soothing creme are backed up by a firming, slightly tensing effect. Beauty tip: apply gently after warming the cream in the palms of your hands.

It is a great cream if you are about 30 and you want to prevent the early sign of wrinkles…

2. Pen ultimate brow maker by MAC

If you have been thinking about getting the clean look of a tatoo but never dared getting your eyebrows tatooed, this pen gives the illusion of a tatooed eyebrow. It is liquid qnd easy to use. Comes in one color UNIVERSAL that can still look good on black skin.


Anti-perspirant care with Buchu leaf extracts and Witch Hazel. Long-lasting effectiveness reinforced by anti-irritant Rosemary extract.

It is my new favorite deodorant. I live in a country where the climate is very hot and I can garanty you that I do no sweat and smell at the end of the day!




Love, Help and Prayers for Aicha…


Burn victim gets second chance in Boston

BOSTON — Her country couldn’t heal her, but a 6-year-old girl and her father have traveled 4,000 miles from Senegal to Boston for a life-changing surgery.

Six-year-old Isha Jahatay has second and third-degree burns over 40 percent of her body.

In March, a kerosene heater overturned in her Senegal home. A mattress caught on fire, and Isha was caught in the flames.

A liaison asked U.S. hospitals and 60 charities to help her.

Only one answered the call — Shriners Hospital in Boston.

7News spoke to Isha and her father via a translator. She said she is enjoying her stay in the United States and loves playing with all the toys.

However, the United States has given her so much more than toys. Shriners Hospital is doing $140,000 of pro-bono surgery on Isha.

“She’s very sad when he looks at the pictures and cry a lot,” said Isha’s father.

Isha said when she looks at the pictures she said she wants to look like how she used to look.”

She will… after up to six surgeries and nine months of recovery. Her dad will be by her side through it all, while her mom waits in Senegal.

Surgeons in Senegal did not have the tools to help Isha. Bah Ousman, an Africa Service liaison, asked dozens of U.S. hospitals to help. They all said no because of the current economy, but Shriners Hospital agreed.

“They want to give this 6-year-old an opportunity to have a life again,” said Ousman.

The Grace Children’s Foundation is raising money for the Jahatays’ room and food during her recovery. To make a donation, please visit

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NARS TAJ MAHAL BLUSH Great color and a beautiful glow!

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